Chorus of demands for patriots to govern

Official statements set out Beijing’s mood in the light of events in Hong Kong and the run-up to Macao’s Legislative Assembly elections in September.

Macao’s GDP falls by 56.3 per cent in 2020

For the whole year of 2020, Macao's GDP declined by 56.3 per cent in real terms while domestic demand shrank by 10.3 per cent year-on-year.

Pansy Ho “headed back to SJM”

Late casino magnate’s daughter sells off another MOP 460 million in MGM shares, prior to what insiders say is likely a return to the family business.

Premier blasts back against “foreign forces”

High degree of autonomy promised yet Beijing looks to “improve” systems in Macao and Hong Kong.

Macao booted off economic freedom ranking

US think-tank lumps Macao and Hong Kong in with China, prompting allegations of “political bias”.
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