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Ethics Policy

Macao News is a wholly-owned brand of Ruca Limited, a company incorporated in Macao (“Ruca”). While not a subsidiary, Macao News functions autonomously. All operations, management, and decision-making processes for Macao News are integrated within Ruca’s organisational structure and subject to Ruca’s overarching policies and procedures.

Ethics Policy

Macao News aims to deliver the very best journalism to audiences in Macao, the Greater Bay Area and beyond. For this reason, we are committed to ethical journalism as defined by the cardinal principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and integrity. 

Our journalists, editors, contributors and other staff members are expected to adhere to these principles, ensuring that we protect our most important asset: the trust of our readers.

In our day-to-day practice, ethical journalism means the following.


We live in an era of rampant online disinformation, making truthfulness more important than ever. Macao News consequently strives for high standards of level of accuracy in its reporting. 

Information is taken from primary sources, or reputable secondary sources, which are clearly identified, and linked to where appropriate. Stories are fact-checked.

We adjust our reporting and our perspectives if new information requires it. Expert opinions are solicited when needed. Information is presented in a tonally appropriate manner, free of sensationalism, bias and hyperbole. 

Our commitment to accuracy means that we will correct mistakes as soon as possible. Readers spotting factual errors in our work are welcome to contact us via [email protected]


We live in an increasingly multipolar world, making it vital for our reporting to be fair, which in turn requires us to provide context. This involves soliciting views from people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. It is important to us that underrepresented perspectives be shared and marginalised communities be given a voice. 

We report our stories in an ethical, empathetic way. All interviews are conducted in a sensitive and respectful manner. They are never coercive. We will never interview a minor without a responsible adult present. 

Privileged or embargoed information is respected. What is told to us “off the record” stays off the record. An exception would only be made in cases of legal liability or grave public interest, such as when the information involves criminality or a threat to public or individual safety.

Individuals and organisations featured in articles published by Macao News have the right to respond to allegations and criticisms. We are committed to constructive dialogue as part of healthy civic and cultural discourse. Readers are also welcome to give feedback to Macao News if they feel any part of our coverage is unfair. Write to [email protected].


Openness is a core value at Macao News.  When we talk to somebody for a story, we identify ourselves, state our purpose clearly and seek permission. Interviews are never disguised as conversations.

All information is properly credited, whether it comes from a written source, or from a person or organisation familiar with the topic.

Macao News clearly separates fact from analysis and opinion. If an article is a commentary, we will label it as such. We also provide full disclosure of any affiliations that may influence our coverage, so that readers are aware of potential bias. We will not permit writers and editors to work on a story when conflicts of interest make it impossible for them to do so in a fair and accurate manner. 

We clearly distinguish paid content from editorial content. All forms of advertising, such as “Partner Features,” are labelled.


Macao News goes about its work with integrity. This means that we uphold commonly accepted, international standards of ethics in journalism, and ensure that we are in compliance with all relevant media laws and regulations regarding libel, defamation, intellectual property rights, and plagiarism. 

We are editorially independent, without affiliation to any political or religious organisation or interest group. Our revenue sources are entirely derived from advertising and sponsored content.

Bias, othering or stereotyping have no place in our coverage. We are always mindful that we are addressing an audience of varying ethnicities, genders, ages, faiths, beliefs, physical abilities, neurological status, and sexual orientations.

When reporting a sensitive story, we will respect the privacy and feelings of individuals involved and proceed with care. We have no intention of inflicting harm on communities or individuals by our reporting and will consider the emotional impact of our stories before we publish them.

Macao News uses social media, video, and emerging digital technology in a responsible and ethical manner. The same principles that govern our journalism also apply to these areas of our work. We understand that information can spread with great speed on social media and that misinformation can be greatly amplified. We therefore prioritise accuracy when posting written content, videos or images to our platforms. 

Our staff are instructed to act with decency and probity in all situations. Every staff member has read and signed their agreement to this Ethics Policy. Any reader with concerns about the conduct of our staff, or the integrity of our work, is invited to reach out to us via [email protected].


Macao News aims to be an impeccable source of information about Macao, and the wider world, in a media landscape that has become complex and fragmented. 

We can only achieve that goal by putting ethics front and centre. That requires us to produce trustworthy and responsible journalism through the principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and integrity. 

It also means a willingness to have an ongoing conversation with our readers and staff members about our standards and our work. As the media landscape industry evolves at an exponential rate, our goal is one of continuous improvement and ongoing accountability.