Tanja Wessels

Tanja Wessels is a writer, translator and public speaker covering lifestyle topics, with a strong focus on the environment. She's been published in Ariana magazine, SCMP, Echelon HK, Macau Closer, and more. Fluent in three languages, Tanja is a content strategist at Macao News. She calls Burning Man home, and is sustainable fashion advocate, creating art and giving her first TEDx talk on the topic in 2020.

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Mariana de Oliveira Dias

How can nutrition improve mental and emotional health by Mariana de Oliveira Dias

Our mental wellbeing begins within the gastrointestinal tract, since more than 90% of serotonin is produced by gut microbes during digestion.

Alyson Lundstrom

Marine biologist and The Blissful Carrot co-founder Alyson Lundstrom may have spent most of her life studying wildlife, but it took moving to Macao for her to really make the connection between diet, consumer choices and the environment.

Vikram Reddy

Vikram Reddy from the Four Seasons Hotel Macao has travelled the world, working with one of the best brands in the business.

Ferris wheels and exoskeletons: 9 ambitious buildings that transformed Macao’s skyline

Macao’s UNESCO World Heritage city centre has long drawn visitors to its cobblestoned streets. Yet it’s the ambitious, modern and often big-budget architecture that’s propelling the city’s skyline into the future.

Four Seasons Macao’s spa

Four Seasons Macao’s new spa director Elaine Alipio shares 8 wellness and beauty secrets you can try at home

Elaine Alipio knows a thing or two about self-care. Recently appointed as the spa director at Four Seasons Macao Cotai Strip, Alipio reveals eight of her top wellness, beauty and relaxation rituals to work into your daily routine.

Mariana de Oliveira Dias

Mariana de Oliveira Dias and Macao News bring you ‘Wellness for All’

Mariana de Oliveira Dias is a certified wellness consultant and nutrition coach, yoga instructor and raw vegan chef. In this column, she answers your health, nutrition and wellness questions so we can all lead healthier happier lives.

Macao-born artist Peggy Chan says it’s time we all took stock of our relationship with nature and embraced public art

As the Covid-19 pandemic rocks the art world, multidisciplinary artist Peggy Chan reflects on her childhood in Macao, our coexistence with nature, and the importance of public art projects.

Cristina Lobo | Photo by António Sanmarful

Cristina Lobo: Meet the pioneer who introduced wellness to Macao

Long before ‘wellness’ would become a global buzzword, Cristina Lobo pioneered the industry in Macao. As the founder and managing director of Nirvana Day Spa, one of the city’s first independent spas, Cristina is keeping pace with the next generation of spa-goers.

Charles‌ ‌M.‌ ‌Choy‌

Charles Choy is on a unique mission to make Macau Beer one of the city’s most celebrated exports.

Andreea Apostol

One bite from the world of whole food nutrition changed Andreea Apostol’s life. Now she wants to do the same for you.

Meridith Beaujean

Meridith Beaujean is well positioned for her future facing role, as the Executive Director of Sustainability Sands China, her work will have far reaching impacts.

Augusto Nogueira

Augusto Nogueira’s work in drug rehabilitation is not only saving families, it’s changing the way society views addiction.