Catarina Brites Soares

Catarina has been a journalist since 2010. Born in Lisbon, she studied in Portugal until she was 20 years old, when she left to study and work abroad. Macao was the place where she started her career. She worked for media companies like Expresso and Diário de Notícias as international correspondent, and for local chinese/portuguese media. Besides Journalism, she is also passionate about Arts and Culture. After a master in Cinema and documentary in Barcelona, in 2015, she also made movies and video-documentaries. Her life is between Europe and Macao, where she lives now.

Latest Articles

Manuel Geraldes

Manuel Geraldes has witnessed historic shifts in both Portugal and Macao, fitting for the head of one of the region’s oldest institutions, Macau Military Club.

The plane in the middle of Seac Pai Van Park | Photo by António Sanmarful

Ever wondered why there’s a plane in the middle of Seac Pai Van Park? Here’s why.

In 1987, single-engine Sagres and its crew completed the first aerial journey from Lisbon to Macao and became the first plane to land in the city. Today, the plane is parked in Coloane – a testament to this historic adventure.

Amélia António

Amélia António, a treasured cultural figure in her own right.

Jorge Sales Marques

Sales Marques is the director of paediatrics and neonatology at Conde de São Januário Hospital Centre.

Rev. Deacon Stephen Morgan

Rev. Deacon Stephen Morgan is the new rector of the USJ. He previously served in the Royal Navy and worked in the financial sector before dedicating himself to the Church and to teaching.

Jorge Fão

Fão founded the Association for Retirees and Pensioners of Macau (APOMAC) in 2001 with Francisco Manhão and has been running it for the past 19 years.

Manuela António

Lawyer Manuela António recounts her experiences that have led her to where she is now in Macao, a firm that has played a key role in important legal matters, such as the public tender for casino gambling concessions in 2002, acting on behalf of one of the competitors.

Francisco Leandro

Leandro began giving classes at the University of Saint Joseph in 2012 and held a number of positions, including programme coordinator of the Centre for Social and Legal Studies. He was then invited to head the Institute for Research on Portuguese-speaking countries at the City University of Macau.

Manuela Sales da Silva Ferreira

The secrets of the family have helped make Manuela Ferreira a key figure on the Macao culinary scene.

Alice Kok

Born in 1978 in Macao, Kok always had a strong affinity to art. It was always part of her life, though she originally viewed it as just a hobby.

Carlos Álvares

Álvares arrived a year ago in Macao, a city he had visited on holiday twenty years ago. The difference between then and now, he says, is huge.

Paulo Cunha Alves

Setting aside his interests in architecture and interior design, Paulo Cunha Alves focused on his stronger passion for people and cultures on an international scale. Being fluent in almost four languages, he makes a great candidate for his profession. After gaining experience in many communities around the world, he is happily posted in Macao as the Portuguese Consul-General.

Rafael Custódio Marques

Rafael Custódio Marque is the Consul General of Mozambique in Macau. He opened the first Consulate General in the Special Administrative Region of Macau in 2014.

Albano Martins

Albano Martins came for three years and nearly four decades have gone by, living more than half his life in Macao. He was the ANIMA president for 17 years – which he founded in 2003 – until resigning in June 2020 to return to Portugal.

Joaquim Coelho Ramos

The director of the Portuguese Institute of the Orient (IPOR), Joaquim Coelho Ramos, looks forward to pleasant times in Macao. Indeed, he has felt good from the moment he set foot in the region, which is usually a good omen, he says.