Government repossess plots on Iec Long Firecracker Factory site in ‘2nd phase’

The government has repossessed several plots covering a total area of 6,598 square metres on the former Iec Long Firecracker Factory site in Taipa.

16 Oct, 2020

23rd Lusofonia Festival starts today

The 23rd Lusofonia Festival organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and co-organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is being held at the Taipa Houses from today to Sunday.

16 Oct, 2020

Group worries world’s 1st jetfoil may be scrapped

The Jetfoil Conservation Concern Group worries that the world’s first jetfoil “Flores”, which is owned by TurboJET, will be dismantled within this week, according to group member Anderson Cheong Pak Chang.

14 Oct, 2020

Macau Artist Society showcases members’ creations

An event entitled “Exhibition of Artworks of the Members of the Macau Artist Society 2020” is being held at the Old Courthouse in Avenida da Praia Grande until 10 November, showcasing about 190 pieces that range between Chinese and Western art styles.

14 Oct, 2020

Local musician making her mark in Beijing

Local teenager Peggy Chan Pui Yan plays the guzheng and has been doing so for over 10 years, and she also plays the piano. Chan is now in her third year at the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where she is studying guzheng and composing under the private tuition of Ye Xiaogang, one of China’s leading composers of contemporary music.

13 Oct, 2020

Portuguese-speaking painters showcase their creations

An event entitled “Lusophone Painters Exhibition” organised by Clube Militar de Macau is being held at the club’s Comendador Ho Yin Gallery. The exhibition will run until 2 November.

12 Oct, 2020

World Press Photo Foundation investigating exhibition closure

The Amsterdam-based World Press Photo Foundation says it is following up with local partner Casa de Portugal em Macau (CPM) to find out why the World Press Photo Exhibition unexpectedly closed this month.

9 Oct, 2020

World Press Photo expo closes early

The annual World Press Photo exhibition, which opened on 25 September and was slated to end on 18 October, was shut early due to “internal management problems” at the weekend.

8 Oct, 2020

Macao jazz fest braves COVID-19 menace

D2 Club at Macau Fisherman's Wharf will host a jazz festival on Friday and Saturday.

7 Oct, 2020

2020 ARTFEM Biennial features 98 women artists and their works

The 2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau (ARTFEM 2020) held its opening ceremony at Albergue SCM ALBcreativeLAB Wednesday evening in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 71st Anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

1 Oct, 2020

MSC opens ‘Story of Clouds’ exhibition

A photography exhibition entitled “Story of Clouds” co-organised by the Macao Science Centre (MSC) and Macao Meteorological Society (AMM) is being held at the centre’s exhibition gallery.

30 Sep, 2020

New association urges government to value & promote vegetarian culture

The Macau Vegetarian Culture Association urged the government on Tuesday to value and promote vegetarian culture.

30 Sep, 2020

2020 Macao International Parade cancelled

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced that after a careful evaluation and comprehensive consideration decided to cancel the 2020 Macao International Parade scheduled for December.

29 Sep, 2020

Treasure of Sacred Art of St Joseph’s Seminary closes today for maintenance

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) said in a statement that it will carry out maintenance work at the Treasure of Sacred Art of St Joseph’s Seminary from today.

25 Sep, 2020

Macao food-fest pares booths to around 100

United Association of Food and Beverages Chairman Andrew Chan Chak Mo told reporters on Tuesday that due to the novel coronavirus pandemic the number of booths at this year’s Macao Food Festival will be reduced to around 100 to 110 from previous years’ 150 to 160.

23 Sep, 2020

Literary festival cut short by COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 9th Macau Literary Festival will be shorter than previous ones, the organisers announced on Tuesday.

23 Sep, 2020

IC launches online bookshop to promote reading

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) said in a statement on Monday that it has launched an online bookshop to facilitate the selecting and purchasing of its publications by readers from Macao and abroad via the Internet, aiming to promote reading among the public.

22 Sep, 2020

UM study on social media in Bhutan to be published in top journal

A paper on the use of social media for Buddhist rituals for Bhutanese families, co-authored by Associate Professor Todd Sandel in the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Macau (UM), and his PhD student Dorji Wangchuk, will be published in the November issue of Language & Communication, one of the top journals in the fields of communication and linguistics, the public university said in a statement on Monday.

15 Sep, 2020

Cheong reaffirms Macao’s executive-led system without separation of powers

Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheng Weng Chon has reaffirmed that Macao’s political system does not include the Western concept of separation of powers. Instead, its executive authorities, the legislature and the judiciary complement each other and exercise checks and balances of each other, but with the emphasis on a cooperative relationship between the three organs.

14 Sep, 2020

New central library to be built on former Hotel Estoril plot (Update)

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced on Thursday that the new Macao Central Library will be built on the plot of the former Hotel Estoril by Praça do Tap Seac.

11 Sep, 2020