Cathy Lai

Cathy is a freelance journalist from Macao who covers culture, history, social affairs, environment and societal issues. She is also the deputy editor of Ariana, a social justice magazine based in Hong Kong. Cathy is particularly passionate about environmental protection, and has taken part in several local eco-campaigns, from promoting waste awareness through to wildlife protection.

Latest Articles

Shark Fins

Why is shark fin still on Macao restaurant menus?

Macao is the world’s fifth-largest importer of shark fin in the world. We talk to conservationists to understand what’s driving demand – and why it needs to change.


The secrets to a long life: Why do people in Macao live so long?

With a life expectancy of 84.1, Macao’s residents are outliving the rest of the world. We talk to the city’s seniors, caretakers and healthcare experts to understand how and why.

Ox Year predictions

Predictions for the Year of the Ox: What to expect in 2021 according to a Chinese zodiac and feng shui expert

We talk to Cheang Weng U, a feng shui master in Macao, to understand what awaits us in the Year of Ox, based on Chinese zodiac theory.

Living a healthier life - Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Want to live longer? Follow these 6 essential tips for a longer, healthier life

We may not be able to live forever, but with smart lifestyle choices, it’s possible to reduce our risk of chronic illnesses and extend our lifespans. We invite Cheong Pak Leng, a medical expert in Macao, to share a few tips to maintain our physical and mental health.

Is Cantonese losing its mainstream status in Macao?

From the promotion of Mandarin as an educational medium to the influx of mainland Chinese tourists and migrants, we contemplate the future of Macao’s Cantonese dialect.

Intangible heritage: The ultimate guide to Macao’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Most people are familiar with tangible heritage – a city’s physical history, such as its archaeological sites, historical monuments, ancient

Young Heroes

Meet Macao’s everyday heroes: 4 young people save the day in their own way

Tragedy has a way of bringing a community together or pulling them apart. In Macao, we meet a group of young people who have gone above and beyond to serve their community in unexpected, inspiring ways.

Annie Lao by António Sanmarful

8 ways to live a greener lifestyle in Macao throughout 2021

From dietary changes to a minimalist mindset, Macao eco-activist Annie Lao shares eight simple yet significant ways to shrink your footprint in the new year.

Annie Lao

Around the world there is a growing movement to curb plastic waste by discouraging, or even banning, the biggest source: single-use plastics. Eco-activist and writer Annie Lao knows how destructive these innocuous items can be, and when Macau officials proved slow to act, she stepped up.

Ip Tat

When Ip Tat claims that he has dedicated his whole life to the Na Tcha Temple, it’s not an exaggeration: he was just six years old when he joined the Feast of Na Tcha for the first time.

Prof. Kevin Thompson

In an interview at Moon Chun Memorial College, which has been under his directorship since 2013, the professor discusses the challenges and triumphs throughout his journey as a musician and educato

Joe Chan

In addition to Chan's environmental work and teaching full-time at Macau Anglican College, Chan runs a two-storey sharing space called 1930 Dream Corner.

Sulu, Sou Ka Hou

Twenty six-year-old Sulu Sou is Macao’s youngest ever-elected lawmaker, having been voted into the Macao Legislative Assembly in September’s general election. He is also the Vice Chairman of the New Macau Association, a major pro-democratic civil group.

Denis Murrell

Local art enthusiasts can easily identify Denis Murrell’s unique work, which combines acrylic paints with ink and tissue paper. Residing in Macao since 1989, the Australia-born artist has won several local awards, including prizes from the Macau Biennial Art Exhibition and the Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists.

Joe Liu

Joe Liu is the co-founder and Director of MOME, an integrated marketing and media company that produces and promotes content across Macao, Hong Kong and Greater China.

Yoko Choi

Born on 16 July 1964, Choi spent much of her childhood in a village house with six siblings and a menagerie of pets; growing up she has cared for everything from cats and dogs through to fish and turtles. Her parents ran a small restaurant, which provided the income to care for this big family.

Agnes Lam

Agnes Lam is Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Macau. She is also a writer and a journalism scholar.