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Year of the Dragon: Your 2024 predictions

Acclaimed Macao astrologer Sam Bou tells it like it is for the Year of the Wood Dragon. This is what lies in store for each sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Sam Bou is the president of the Macau Feng Shui Numerology Association and has studied feng shui, numerology and palmistry for 20 years, specialising in relating ancient wisdom to the practical realities of the modern world. Find him at




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UPDATED: 01 Feb 2024, 1:03 pm

As the only mythological creature in the zodiac, and the one most associated with power and everything that comes with it – leadership, ambition and, at times, all out aggression – the dragon is here to breathe fire into your life. Get set for a big year. The fact that it is a Wood Dragon year makes it even more interesting: wood fuels flame, meaning that the qualities of a dragon year are going to burn even brighter.

To cut to the chase, this is going to be a good 12 months for those born under the signs of the rooster, pig, snake and rat. Horses, goats, tigers, monkeys and oxen are going to have a year of pluses and minuses, but there’s every chance the former will outweigh the latter. Dogs and rabbits are going to face challenges – as will you, dragons, even though it’s your namesake year – so make this a year of deep breaths, self-care and playing the long game.

Here are more details about what each sign can expect.

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

Enter the Dragon. Return of the Dragon. We would love to say that this year is going to be as swashbuckling as any Bruce Lee movie for all the dragons out there – but it has the potential to wallop you as hard as a pair of nunchaku

In other years, your tendency to criticise people and things comes across as charismatic tough love from the natural leader that you are. But in a dragon year, that born-to-rule arrogance rankles everybody around you, so do your best to hold your tongue.

You’ll also need to keep some of that fiery yang energy in check when it comes to career and finances. Job-hopping is not going to work for you this year: think very carefully about accepting a new offer. Park your investments in a holding pattern too, or you’ll risk letting your emotions push you into making bad decisions.

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Speaking of emotions, watch out for negativity in 2024, especially in March and September, and don’t let the blues spiral into actual health issues. Think about purging (how about giving blood or a juice fast?) to maintain your health, or try a change of scene – as if you’re going to need any excuse to take a holiday.

Love-wise, this could be a bumpy 12 months for dragons already partnered, but singletons could get lucky. Newlyweds and expectant dragons will also find things going their way. So it’s not all bad. But above all, dragons, lie low and go with the flow. As your fellow dragon Bruce Lee said, “Be like water.”

Numbers: You’ll find yourself gravitating toward lucky 1, 2 and 6.

Colours: This year, cocoon yourself with soothing blues, calming browns and the healing yellow of sunshine.

Snake (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)

The bad news? The star of solitude Gu Chen (孤辰) can make snakes feel lonely, even despondent, in the Year of the Dragon. The good news (and trust us, it’s almost all good) is that the fix is simple: turn off Netflix, put that tub of ice-cream down and head out, where people are just waiting to fall under the spell of your sinuous, slinky magnetism.

According to Chinese astrology, the Tianxi (天喜) and  Peach Blossom (桃花星) stars will come to your aid this year – a potent combination that will make snakes practically irresistible. This so-called “peach blossom luck” means you’ll flower in all kinds of interpersonal ways, especially romance. Snakes in relationships will coil up contentedly with their partners, while single snakes on the prowl will find no shortage of spellbound prospects. In fact, peach blossom luck rubs off on all kinds of relationships. Coworkers, friends, business associates, and even randoms are going to be enamoured with you in 2024.

Your health promises to be peachy too, with no major issues to flag. Career-wise, this is a year for study. Is there a new skill or language you’ve been meaning to acquire? Thinking about finally getting that MBA? The time is now. In the same way, studying the markets will pay off handsomely. Your investments will go well so long as they are the fruit of patient research. Lay off the impulsive decisions.

Most of all, snakes, max that peach blossom luck. This year is for getting on the social circuit, grabbing your drink, and working the room like the alluring cobra you are.

Numbers: 1, 5 and 8 coming up a lot for you? That’s no accident. They’re your lucky numbers in 2024.

Colours: In a peach blossom year, you can definitely rock orange – from peachy tints to vibrant shades. Tone it with dark greens and greys.

Horse (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026)

Year of the Horse
Photo by Kevin Chen

Horses, you’re hair-tossing, tempestuous creatures at the best of times. In a dragon year, the reins get loosened even more and you’re going to find it a challenge to avoid trampling your loved ones, coworkers and admirers underfoot. Blame the “goat blade” star Yang Ren (羊刃). Under its influence, you get headstrong and moody.

However, 2023 was a “peach blossom” year for you – a time of great luck in interpersonal relationships – and some of that sweetness remains with you until spring or even longer. Use it while you can. Are you a single horse looking to get attached? Start setting up those dates right away. Horses already in relationships can meanwhile expect to ride out much of the year on those lingering wafts of peach blossom fragrance. Just remember to be kind to your partner.

Watch out, too, for your money this year. Temptations to splurge won’t end well. In fact, the words “potential financial crisis” may as well be written in red block caps across your astrological chart in 2024. So put on your financial horse blinkers, be thrifty and make no rash investments. 

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At work, this isn’t a year of big moves, but it’s favourably starred for picking up new skills: take those courses and lay the groundwork for the future. 

Your wellbeing meanwhile comes under the influence of the Blood Blade star Xue Ren (血刃), which sounds scarier than it actually is. It’s the star of accidents and mishaps, but it’s not especially potent. Go through the year at a canter, not a gallop – especially in the months of May and November – and you should make it through with just a few cuts and bruises.

Numbers: Pay attention to 4, 5, and 8. Those numbers will work for you in 2024.

Colours: Mint green, rooibos red, and desert-flower pink are some of the hot pantone shades for 2024 – and they just happen to be your lucky colours.

Goat (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

Year of the Goat
Photo by Gwoeii

Goats, you fear failure. But your mission for the Year of the Dragon is to feel the fear and do it anyway. This is a year that will reward hard work and a go-getter spirit – so brandish those strong horns, stamp that shapely cloven hoof and head butt your hesitations out of the way.

For goats who are self-employed, freelance, work on a commission basis, or run their own businesses, 2024 will be a case of “the more you put in, the more you get out.” If you’re prepared to work long hours, and believe in your product or service, you’ll see a big impact on the bottom line. As for you salaried goats, working regular jobs, you won’t necessarily get financial rewards but your extra efforts will be noticed in other beneficial ways. This is a great year to plot your next move up the career ladder as you burn the midnight oil.

All goats will come under the benign influence of the Tai Yin star (太陰), which brings benevolence from female figures in your life, regardless of your own gender. It could be a female boss or business associate. Female partners, colleagues, relatives, friends or subordinates will also go out of their way to help you.

If you do 2024 right, you’ll be too busy working to have much of a love life, but if things get flirty with that special someone this month, in July, or in November, don’t be surprised – those are your months of “peach blossom luck,” when partners, or potential partners, become smitten by the goat’s large, liquid eyes and fluttering long lashes.

As for health, watch your diet and your drinking. There are gastrointestinal warning signs on your chart this year. Avoid problems by limiting the booze, fried food, and foods that are either cold or raw – which TCM says you shouldn’t be having anyway.

Numbers: Do you shun the number 4 because of the Chinese superstition? Rethink that, because it’s one of your lucky numbers this year, along with 3 and 7.

Colours: Dark greens and reds will help you close those deals. In your precious down time, surround yourself with soothing, natural beige.

Monkey (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

There’s a little karmic payback for you this year, monkeys. All those pranks you love to pull and the mischief you can’t resist making? In the Year of the Dragon, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be pestered. Not in a major fashion, but just enough to get under your skin in the way you sometimes like to get under other people’s.

That’s because there’s negative energy known as the “Five Ghosts” in your chart. This means you’re going to attract fussy and petty people all year long. Bureaucrats aren’t going to cut you any slack, colleagues might be sticklers for paperwork, and friends and family members could start sweating the small stuff. Poking fun at any of them, in that hyper, rascally, monkey way of yours, isn’t going to be the best response. Instead, dot every “i” and cross every “t” and keep your impish thoughts to yourself.

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The good news, though, is that you are in harmony with the Tai Sui god – the guardian god of the year. This alignment means that, as well as attracting grumblers and nitpickers, you’ll also come across a lot of helpful people at work and in your private life. Things will go smoothly for monkeys already in relationships (even if single monkeys won’t have much luck).

That same alignment is going to help with your health (no major red flags) as well as your job or business. Work-related pressures ease up in 2024, so even a restless monkey like you can afford to take your foot off the gas a little. Negotiations for raises or promotions will also go well. Self-employed monkeys will find themselves supported by clients and associates. When orders dry up, work the phones and watch as an old customer comes generously to the rescue. In the present economy, that’s not a bad card to have up your sleeve.

Numbers: This year, 3 is company not a crowd. Take 5 at every opportunity and be on the lookout for lucky number 9.

Colours: Express that witty, energetic monkey personality with reds, purples and yellows.

Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

The strutting, ever popular, outgoing rooster is already one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac when it comes to making personal connections. This year, that luck goes parabolic thanks to alignment with the Tai Sui god – the deity that reigns in 2024. 

Roosters working in business, especially sales, will marvel at the leads and contacts they generate. Customers will seemingly fall at your feet, doors will magically open and bosses and other influential people will notice you. Push for those long sought-for meetings.

Needless to say, this also means the patacas will come your way. Of the 12 signs, roosters have the best luck with money in 2024. Look out for juicy bonuses, pay rises, fat commissions and other windfalls. 

A note of caution: Xiao Hao (小耗), or the lesser consumer star, is also in your chart. This will make it easy for you to spend as well as earn. The solution is to buy durables and things that will become assets. Avoid the baubles and fripperies.

Health is favourably starred for roosters in the coming year. Your love life, if you’re already in a relationship, looks pretty good too. Single roosters may not find the romantic partner they’re looking for, but they’ll be so busy dazzling people at work and in business that they won’t even notice.

Numbers: Your lucky digits in 2024 are 1, 2 and 8, which if you know your Cantonese homonyms translates to “easy money.” What did we tell you?

Colours: Dress for workplace and professional success in boardroom black, corner office blue and chic chocolate.

Dog (1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

Every dog has its day, but we’re sorry to say that this might not be yours. In 2024, the canine zodiac clashes with (or “offends,” if you want to use the traditional term) the ruling year’s governing deity, known as the Tai Sui god. That spells change, and it’s the big stuff: relationships, work, home. The upheavals won’t be all bad, but they’re likely to be tumultuous. By year end, there’s a real possibility that you’ll be, well, dog tired.

The Tai Sui god has thrown the dogs a bone, however – namely, changes you have already put in motion (are you in the throes of moving house or getting married soon?) will benefit from his energy. Another tasty tidbit will be found in the workplace. You’re not going to be making more money (sorry), but the perception of you as a hardworking employee, or as an exciting prospective hire, will grow.

Speaking of money, the greater consumer star Da Hao (大耗) in your chart means you are going to be haemorrhaging cash this year. Save it for the aforementioned changes coming your way – it could be the deposit on a new apartment, or lavishly wooing a new partner – and resist the urge to blow it on incidentals. If the year gets too much, splurge on an exotic overseas holiday. It won’t be cheap, but you’ll deserve to lick your wounds. 

Singletons could well embark on a new relationship this year, but with all the changes taking place in every other area of a dog’s life, those already in a relationship are advised to hang on to what they have. Don’t let your canine gruffness send you to the doghouse. Instead, be the loving, loyal, protective partner that you are when you’re at your best.

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As for wellbeing, your clash with the Tai Sui god means you’ll be accident prone in 2024, especially in March and September: probably not great months for taking up contact sports or free solo climbing. The traditional geomancers say that in those months you should practise some blood letting or get your teeth cleaned to counteract Tai Sui’s malevolence. But if that sounds a bit random to you, just try curling up in your den. Even Tai Sui will let sleeping dogs lie.

Numbers: The numbers 4, 5, and 8 will set your tail wagging in 2024.

Colours: Boxer brown, cocker spaniel orange, and dark green are the hues that will help you this year.

Pig (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

Amiable, kind, the heart and soul of any gathering, and those squishy cheeks: piggies, the world already loves you madly. And in 2024, you’re going to get even more adorbs, if such a thing is possible. 

That’s because it’s the Year of the Red Matchmaker or Hong Luan Tao Hua (紅鸞桃花) for all porcine people, and your luck in love will run very, very high. Pigs already in relationships may find themselves taking the next step, like cohabitation, engagement, marriage or renewing a deep commitment – and can expect it to go beautifully. Single pigs will not stay single for long, and somebody they meet this year will have real long-term potential. Relationships formed in the Year of the Red Matchmaker have a high chance of success.

On top of that, the highly auspicious Zi Wei or Polaris star (紫微), and the Long De or Dragon Virtue star (龍德), are gleaming in your chart. These are the stars of patronage. Persons of authority, senior relatives, bosses, potential mentors or other benefactors will become fond of you in 2024 and reach down a helping hand. That could take the form of a pay rise or promotion. If you’re self employed, it could mean a valuable contract or piece of business, or perhaps some vital introductions. Networking is also going to pay dividends. Make this the year that you start attending business lunches, cocktail parties and other professional gatherings if you’re not already doing so.

With so much going your way, your mood will largely be positive in 2024 and your health will be correspondingly buoyant. There are no malevolent stars in your chart when it comes to wellbeing. For all you pig people, this is a year for living high on the hog.

Numbers: The numbers 2, 4, and 8 are going to make a lucky year even luckier.

Colours: Sky-is-the-limit blue, glamorous gold and sybaritic silver.

Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Rats, your nimble minds, quick wit and decisiveness mean you’re already well regarded at work. This year, you’ll get even more plaudits with Jiang Xing (將星), the Star of the Commander, in your chart. You stand to benefit from the powerful aura of the heavenly general, because leadership – as you privately know – is the one professional area in which you could be doing much, much better. 

The Commander will improve your power and status in the workplace, with promotion and a pay rise looking like real possibilities. Rats in business for themselves will see their professional circles widen and reputations polished. Spending on social engagements will also be amply rewarded: this year, view networking as a long-term investment. Get out there, have those power lunches, and watch as your LinkedIn connections surge.

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As for health, the presence of Fei Ren or the Flying Blade star (飛刃), slicing through your horoscope, would normally be a cause of some concern. It can denote the likelihood of injuries.  But this is also a Triple Harmony year for you – when the zodiac friends of monkey, rat and dragon align, protecting each other from harm. There isn’t much to fear.  

Love is also favourably starred, but single rats need to move fast. Last year was a Year of the Red Matchmaker (紅鸞桃花) for rats, but its potent effect on romance will elapse by spring. Take advantage of it while you can. Rats who are already partnered, or who got pregnant last year, will have a smooth 2024.

Numbers: Good things this year are denoted by 0 (yes, really) 3 and 8. 

Colours: Look for the whites and light browns of fluffy rat fur, and the pinks of those cute, twitching ears

Ox (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

You hard-working oxen already bear too much on those broad, powerful shoulders – and normally you can pull it off. But be careful in 2024. The stars indicate that it’s going to be a busy one for you. Don’t try and handle it all on your own or health problems – especially gastrointestinal ones – can and will result. Eat healthily, manage your stress levels, throw off that heavy yoke occasionally, and make sure you seek out a sweet and sleepy meadow for all important downtime.

It may help you to know that hard work won’t really pay off for oxen this year. If you’re self-employed, you have a better chance of earning more, but salaried oxen will find themselves in a rut with no extra financial benefit for their prodigious labour. For now, just diligently plough that furrow – something you know how to do extremely well – and look to make career moves at another time. 

This is not a particularly bullish year for love, either. Oxen in relationships won’t encounter problems, but singles are not likely to find their dream partner. 

You meanwhile have a minor inauspicious star in your chart in 2024. Yin Sha (陰煞) denotes obstacles, hostility, or pettiness from – as its name suggests – yin or female persons, places or things.

On the other hand, oxen are under the benign protection of the Tian De or Heavenly Virtue star (天德) throughout the year, which has the effect of smoothing over trouble and counteracting negativity. Tian De also makes you calmer and more able to bear the aggravation of others, so when you see that red rag, there’s no need to be the raging bull, tossing the matador out of the ring like you normally do. Instead, surprise yourself with a newfound ability to snort, stamp, and look the other way.

Numbers: 2, 6, 7 are the bullseye numbers for oxen this year

Colours: Look for the creams and browns of ox hide, and the gleaming gold of a nose ring

Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

Restless tigers, on the prowl, can expect to cover a lot of territory in 2024, quite literally. Yima (驛馬) or the Travelling Horse Star, is in the charts for all of you big, ferocious felines and that means trips abroad – most likely for business. It could even indicate an overseas posting or secondment of some kind. On a figurative level, it also denotes movement at home: maybe a new job or a new apartment. Whoever said a tiger doesn’t change their stripes?

Even better, Yima is this year aligned with Tai Sui Yao He (太歲遙合) – a powerful conjunction that makes you the likely beneficiary of help from distant wellwishers. Maybe it’s your CEO, calling from an office on the other side of the world. Or perhaps it’s an overseas customer, asking you to pay them a potentially lucrative visit (see business trips, above). Don’t hesitate. 

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Meanwhile, your financial luck – which is set to “very good” as a default – is even better this year. You might want to buy a lottery ticket and test it out. Tigers working in commission-based or fee-based jobs are going to have a cushy ride.

Big cats are injury prone this month and in July, but besides that there are no inauspicious stars when it comes to health. 

Your love life will continue to be unfulfilling, however. Last year’s Xianchi Tao Hua (咸池桃花) saw you cast a predatory eye of the tiger over many a prospective crush. You were easily smitten. But things fizzled and were gone. If you defied the stars and somehow managed to start a new relationship in 2023, and are able to nurture it through this summer, then it has longer term potential – just don’t force things. “Easy, tiger” is the approach for 2024.

Numbers: If you see the numbers 0, 5 or 7, grab them by the tail.

Colours: Camouflage yourself with grey, white and tiger-stripe black, then pounce when ready.

Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023)

Year of the Rabbit
Photo by Moment Capsule

We hate to break this to all the fluffy bunnies, but 2024 is a time of Tai Sui Xiang Hai (太歲相害) – one in which the Tai Sui god, the year’s presiding deity, is in opposition to rabbits. In your daily life, his animosity can manifest itself in arguments, disputes and frustration.

Before you crawl back into your burrows, this is also going to be a good year financially. Benefactors and mentors won’t forget you and promotion, or some other kind of progress, is possible at work. Just don’t attract attention – and prick up those rabbit ears for all they’re worth. Gossip and discord won’t be far. 

Unfortunately, that includes your home life. There’ll be bickering with loved ones in 2024 and single rabbits shouldn’t get their hopes up. In fact, many kinds of plans – not just romantic ones – will go awry in 2024, some of them for the smallest, stupidest of reasons. That’s Tai Sui for you.

Your health stands up to the additional stress surprisingly well, though. Besides money, that’s the year’s other saving grace. But you’ll need to get enough sleep, and eat a healthy diet, to avoid the skin and gastrointestinal problems you’ll be prone to. 

Numbers: 3, 8 and 9 will help you counteract the year’s negativity

Colours: When the going gets tough, lift your spirits with purple, red, orange

UPDATED: 01 Feb 2024, 1:03 pm

Sam Bou is the president of the Macau Feng Shui Numerology Association and has studied feng shui, numerology and palmistry for 20 years, specialising in relating ancient wisdom to the practical realities of the modern world. Find him at

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