Vivianna Cheong

Vivianna has been an arts marketer and writer for over a decade. After completing a master’s degree in English Literature in the UK, she has been working in the arts – theatre, dance, Chinese opera, film and visual arts – in the UK, Hong Kong and Macao. She has written for numerous magazines and translated copy for shows and exhibitions of various scales.

Latest Articles

Iao Tun Ieong

Iao Tun Ieong is the Principal of Hou Kong Middle School of Macao and Vice President of the Macau Association of Chinese Calligraphy.

Macao Winter Swimming ClubMacao Winter Swimming Club

Taking the plunge: Why some Macao residents swear by open-water winter swimming

Frosty and refreshing, open-water winter swimming has become a favourite pastime for many of the city’s older residents who find community, mental stamina and physical endurance in the sea.

Dressed to empress: Check out glittering Qing dynasty costumes at the Macao Museum of Art this winter

The Macao Museum of Art is showcasing beautiful clothes and accessories, once worn by China’s emperors and empresses till 14 March 2021.

Staging a comeback: Macao’s theatre companies say ‘boom time’ might be just around the corner

Life for Macao’s theatre companies can be challenging, especially during a pandemic, but the directors and actors behind these troupes say the show must go on. We caught up with five local organisations working behind the scenes to craft new theatre styles and engage younger audiences.

Creativity and community: Macao’s independent bookstores are changing with the times

Running an independent bookstore in Macao can be challenging to say the least. But some bookshops in Macao have developed new tactics to attract customers and create a sense of community in the age of Kindles, Audible and iPhones.