All public services to return to ‘normal’ on Monday

The Secretariat for Administration and Justice (GSAJ) said in a statement Thursday night that all public services will resume their “normal” work schedule on Monday.

28 Feb, 2020

Macau’s Procession of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus cancelled over COVID-19 threat

This year's Procession of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus has been cancelled "in view of he continuing [noval coronavirus] epidemic and the call of public health precautions," the chancery of Macau's Roman-Catholic diocese announced.

18 Feb, 2020

Kun Iam Treasury Opening Festival cancelled over COVID-19 threat

The Macau government announced  Saturday that the annual Kun Iam Treasury Opening Festival, which traditionally takes place on the 26th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, has been cancelled.

16 Feb, 2020

Welshman to head Macau’s Catholic university: report

Macau's private University of Saint Joseph, which is co-owned by the local Roman-Catholic diocese and the Lisbon-based Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), will be headed by Stephen Morgan, a deacon from Wales.

14 Feb, 2020

Fringe festival to bring ‘alternative urban cultural experience’

From flash mobs to a murder mystery tour, speed-dating to paper theatre, Macau City Fringe Festival will take place next month.

12 Dec, 2019

Give Me Liberty wins Best Film for international category at IFFAM

American film Give Me Liberty won Best Film in the International Competition category at the 4th International Film Festival Awards – Macau (IFFAM), topping nine other films. As for the New Chinese Cinema category, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains was awarded Best Film.

11 Dec, 2019

The 2019 Macao International Parade

The “2019 Macao International Parade”, organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, was held on Sunday to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macao’s handover to China.

9 Dec, 2019

Xian Xinghai Museum opens

A museum in commemoration of national composer Xian Xinghai, situated next to government-owned broadcaster TDM in Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, opened to the public on Sunday.

25 Nov, 2019

Over 12,000 work in cultural industries

A total of 12,719 people worked in Macau’s cultural industries last year.

22 Nov, 2019

Government marks ‘Double Celebration’ with fire & mist-breathing Dragon-Horse

A parade to celebrate this year’s “Double Celebration” will be led by a mechanical installation called the “Spirit of the Dragon-Horse”.

20 Nov, 2019

Cultural sector has become real business: Tam

Macau’s cultural industry has developed in a way that it has gradually joined the business sector.

12 Nov, 2019

Cultural Industries Fund has paid out 0.5 billion patacas since in 2014

The Cultural Industries Fund (FIC) has disbursed 502 million patacas for 256 cultural and creative industries projects since 2014 until the end of last month.

7 Nov, 2019

‘Macao Hub’ at CIIE promotes city’s ‘centre & platform role

An exhibition area at the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai aims to promote Macau’s role as an international centre and platform.

6 Nov, 2019

Nazi comedy ‘Jojo Rabbit’ to open film & awards festival

Taika Waititi-directed film will open this year’s International Film Festival & Awards Macau taking place on December 5-10.

6 Nov, 2019

MSAR anniversary & zodiac notes available for collection

The banknotes for the 20th anniversary of Macau’s return to the motherland, and the four previously issued zodiac banknotes are ready for collection by registered local residents.

22 Oct, 2019

Government to consider twelve items for Macau’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list

The Cultural Affairs Bureau announced that the final list of twelve items for Macau's Intangible Cultural Heritage will be announced by the end of this year.

9 Oct, 2019

Japan won the 2019 Macao International Fireworks Contest

Japan won the 30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest, announced today the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO).

6 Oct, 2019

Many liked St. Paul’s Ruins mapping show: Tam

The government will strengthen its communication with Macau’s Roman-Catholic diocese and related groups before it launches another mapping show on the city’s religious and other landmarks in the future.

4 Oct, 2019

Cultural Week adds Brazilian Cinema to program

The program and schedule for the 11th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries will kick off on October 12 at the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf.

26 Sep, 2019

Seac Pai Van Library opens

A new public library in the Community Complex in Coloane’s sprawling Seac Pai Van public housing estate opened on Tuesday.

25 Sep, 2019