Wilson Chi-Ian Lam

Wilson Chi-Ian Lam is CEO and Creative Director of Macau Creations. A graphic designer and art curator, he is a member of multiple culture and creativity groups including the Association of Registered Designers of Ontario.

Denis Murrell

Local art enthusiasts can easily identify Denis Murrell’s unique work, which combines acrylic paints with ink and tissue paper. Residing in Macao since 1989, the Australia-born artist has won several local awards, including prizes from the Macau Biennial Art Exhibition and the Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists.

Joe Tang

Joe Tang is a prize-winning author from Macao. He also works at the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau.

James Wong

James Wong is a Macao artist. He is the President of the Printmaking Research Centre of Macao and also Chief Curator of the Macau Printmaking Triennial.

Florence Lam

Born in Macao on 29 December 1979, Lam is the middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. Believing that education is the backbone of success, she was always an elite student, including her days at Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School.

Tracy Choi

Tracy Choi is a director and filmmaker from Macao, whose movies featuring feminist issues have garnered her international awards and recognition.

Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng

Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng is Director and CEO of Poly Auction Macau Limited, founder and Managing Director of Chiu Yeng Culture Limited and member of the Committee of Cultural Industries of the Government of Macao SAR.

Lúcia Lemos

Lúcia Lemos is the founder of Creative Macau, a non-profit organisation promoting local creativity. She speaks fluent Portuguese and English.

Carmo Correia

Carmo Correia is a Macao-based senior photographer at Galaxy Entertainment Group. She speaks Portuguese and English and has traveled half the world over the course of her career.

António Conceição Junior

António Conceição Junior is a prolific artist with a diverse resume: an illustrator, painter, photographer and writer, he is also a designer of graphics, fashion, jewelry and coins.

Lio Man Cheong

Lio Man Cheong is one of Macao’s most renowned painters, having designed award-winning postage stamps and exhibited internationally. His works are owned by private collectors in mainland China and Japan.

Fortes Pakeong Sequeira

Fortes Pakeong Sequeira is a musician, graphic designer, illustrator and founder of Sparrow Music Culture Ltd.

Carlos Marreiros

Carlos Marreiros – architect and city planner – is also a university professor, painter, writer, poet, and government consultant for the city’s heritage preservation and urban planning committees.

Konstantin Bessmertny

Konstantin Bessmertny is a Russian-born artist who has resided in Macao since 1992, becoming a fixture in the local art scene.