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The art of tea: 5 of the best Chinese brews to try this spring, according to a tea expert

Mércia Gonçalves, a tea connoisseur and member of the Chinese Teaism Association of Macao, shares five of her favourite Chinese teas that are perfect for springtime.

Macao’s secret oasis: The Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is one of the city’s most treasured green lungs: but how it came to be, and what became of the family that first built the park, is a tale stranger than fiction.

The Procession of the Passion of Our Lord, the God Jesus

While the procession won’t be happening this year due to Covid-19 measures, the clergy will stream an indoor procession online.

Where to buy flowers in Macao for Valentine’s Day

With 14 February just around the corner, you’re running out of time to pick out a gift for your better half. We’ve rounded up a few of Macao’s top flower shops to help you find fresh, fragrant blooms this Valentine’s Day.

The story behind lai see: An age-old Lunar New Year tradition that’s rooted in meaning

There’s a reason why red envelopes have become ubiquitous during the Lunar New Year. Whether you’re giving lai see or receiving them, here’s the significance behind these little red packets.

Dating apps in Macao: Find the dating app that’s right for you this Valentine’s Day

What’s the difference between Cupid, Bumble or Tinder? Increase your chances of finding love with one of the top dating apps in Macao.

Meet Reggie Martin: Macao’s celebrity relations guru tells us what it’s like to mingle with the stars

Macao’s illustrious host to the stars dishes on wild rides with Nicolas Cage, Stephen Baldwin’s favourite restaurant, and what gives celebrities their star power.

Ferris wheels and exoskeletons: 9 ambitious buildings that transformed Macao’s skyline

Macao’s UNESCO World Heritage city centre has long drawn visitors to its cobblestoned streets. Yet it’s the ambitious, modern and often big-budget architecture that’s propelling the city’s skyline into the future.

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