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Where to buy flowers in Macao for Valentine’s Day

With 14 February just around the corner, you’re running out of time to pick out a gift for your better half. We’ve rounded up a few of Macao’s top flower shops to help you find fresh, fragrant blooms this Valentine’s Day.

The story behind lai see: An age-old Lunar New Year tradition that’s rooted in meaning

There’s a reason why red envelopes have become ubiquitous during the Lunar New Year. Whether you’re giving lai see or receiving them, here’s the significance behind these little red packets.

Dating apps in Macao: Find the dating app that’s right for you this Valentine’s Day

What’s the difference between Cupid, Bumble or Tinder? Increase your chances of finding love with one of the top dating apps in Macao.

Family bucket list: 9 fun things to do with your kids in Macao this February

To keep cabin fever at bay this winter, we’ve rounded up Macao’s best family-friendly activities. From giant pandas to go-carting, hiking, bowling, game arcades and avant-garde art installations, these experiences will entertain the whole family.

7 of Macao’s most important historical figures

Macao has been home to many people who were once – or still are – considered famous. Here are former residents of the city we consider have a claim to eternal fame.

An artistic haven: 6 of Macao’s most famous painters through the centuries

For more than 450 years, Macao has attracted exceptional painters from all over the world – and cultivated many local talents, too. We’ve perused museums and easels to shortlist six of the most famous artists.

Intangible heritage: The ultimate guide to Macao’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Most people are familiar with tangible heritage – a city’s physical history, such as its archaeological sites, historical monuments, ancient

Macao-born artist Peggy Chan says it’s time we all took stock of our relationship with nature and embraced public art

As the Covid-19 pandemic rocks the art world, multidisciplinary artist Peggy Chan reflects on her childhood in Macao, our coexistence with nature, and the importance of public art projects.

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