Portugal expects China to respect press freedom in Macao

As many as six journalists are believed to have resigned from TDM since the ‘patriotism’ directive.

AL candidates supporting Hong Kong protests could face ban

Warning comes days after CE undertakes Macao will be ruled by ‘patriots’.

New regulation for September elections

Electoral affairs chief explains each voter backing candidacy list nomination must sign separate paper.

New think tank director promises “down-to-earth” approach

New regime will spur officials to get out of the office and talk directly to ordinary residents, as Macao prepares for the next Five-Year Development Plan.

Ho promises to uphold government’s principles

Healthcare, financial services, hi-tech and cultural industries will be among Macao’s focal points for advancing its economic diversification effort.

Macau Press Association expresses concern about TDM’s new editorial guidelines

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association has expressed grave concern regarding TDM’s new editorial guidelines and its implications on freedom of the press in Macao.

AL election candidates step up

A full six months ahead of the autumn elections, candidates are already starting to set out their stalls, with workers’ rights and affordable housing prime issues.

TDM journalists told to promote ‘patriotism and love of the country’

Journalists from Macao’s public broadcasting service must toe the line or face the sack.

Legislative Assembly elections set for 12 September

The official campaign for 22 seats kicks off in August, but candidates must prove themselves before being allowed to stand.

Chorus of demands for patriots to govern

Official statements set out Beijing’s mood in the light of events in Hong Kong and the run-up to Macao’s Legislative Assembly elections in September.

Premier blasts back against “foreign forces”

High degree of autonomy promised yet Beijing looks to “improve” systems in Macao and Hong Kong.

Outgoing Health Bureau director Lei Chin Ion appointed to the Macao Medical Academy Specialties Council

Alvis Lo – who has fronted Covid-19 press conferences – takes over as head of the Health Bureau as the former director moves to a specialist role.

Top court rules in favour of ex weather chief

The forecast is set fair for Fong who gets to keep his good reputation – and his MOP 80,000 monthly pension – after a lengthy court battle.

Alvis Lo Iek Long to head Health Bureau

Alvis Lo Iek Long will replace Lei Chin Ion as director of the Health Bureau early next month.

Veteran non-establishment lawmaker Au Kam San not running for re-election this September

Non-establishment lawmaker Au Kam San said that the legislature couldn’t do much because of “limitations of the political system.”

“Good job!” New FM Commissioner gives Macao a pat on the back

Macao has done well over the past two decades, especially in its battle to prevent and contain Covid-19, says commissioner.

CCAC takes aim at election bribery and corruption

Hong Kong graft busters share information with counterparts in Macao in the run-up to autumn elections for the Legislative Assembly.

IPIM comes under fire again

Lawmakers point the finger at trade body’s sluggish and lax procedures, in the wake of strong criticism by Macao’s graft busters.

Beijing appoints new Foreign Ministry commissioner for Macao

Experienced diplomat with a scientific background who has worked in Africa and the United States comes to Macao from a high-profile post in Beijing.

Employment agencies face tougher regulations

New law provides safeguards for both employers and employees, standardises fees, and cracks down on fly-by-night employment agencies.

Cheaper elections promised this year

The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission has budgeted MOP 50.8 million for the legislature’s direct and indirect elections this year, an 8.5 per cent decrease from the 2017 elections.

TCM fakers face prison time

Chinese medicine counterfeiters may be sentenced to up to five years in prison, as the government seeks to clean up the trade.

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