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May sees a fractional increase in Macao’s average hotel occupancy rate

Five-star hotels performed the best, posting an average occupancy rate of 85.3 percent, several points higher than four-star hotels at 79.7 percent
  • The number of guests from mainland China rose to 870,000, with the average length of stay for all guests remaining unchanged at 1.6 nights





The average occupancy rate of Macao’s hotels grew by a sliver from April to May, according to the latest figures from the Statistics and Census Service (known by its Portuguese initials DSEC).

According to the data, occupancy in May stood at 83.6 percent, compared with 83.3 percent the previous month.

By category, the rates for five-star, four-star and three-star hotels remained virtually unchanged at 85.3 percent, 79.7 percent and 80.8 percent respectively.

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The number of guests of hotel establishments totalled 1,196,000 in May, a small increase from April’s 1,159,000. 

Of these, around 870,000 guests were from mainland China, compared to 823,000 in April, and 164,000 from Hong Kong, down from 165,000 the previous month. Just 88,000 guests came from outside of Greater China.

The average length of stay remained unchanged at 1.6 nights.

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