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David Beckham talks food, football and his new namesake suites in Macao

While in town for The Londoner Macao’s grand celebration in May, the iconic footballer spoke with Macao News about everything from his favourite Macao memories to his football hero, working with Sands China, and the one thing he always needs more of.




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Less than 1 minute Minutes

David Beckham is no stranger to Macao – he’s visited the city many times over the past decade as a Sands Resort Global Ambassador and has long been a champion of Macao’s east-meets-west culture, architecture and delicious food. 

Before the pandemic, he came to the city to start shooting a Sands China campaign with Hong Kong actress and singer Angelababy, but wasn’t able to return due to pandemic restrictions until this May. During his four-day trip, Beckham wrapped up the much-delayed shoot, attended The Londoner Macao’s grand celebration and explored the British-themed integrated resort’s new restaurants and attractions.

The visit also marked the first time the celebrity got to see the Suites by David Beckham at The Londoner Hotel, in person. Designed by London’s David Collins Studio in partnership with David Beckham, the collection of 14 invite-only, apartment-style accommodations are brimming with personal touches that reflect the star’s lifestyle and preferences. 

In between his packed schedule, Beckham sat down with Macao News to discuss the inspiration behind his namesake suites, as well as his proud English heritage, love of food, favourite Macao memories, and more.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

Do you remember your first visit to Macao? How does it compare with now?

It must have been 10 or 11 years ago, and I was blown away. That was before the [Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau] bridge was built, so I got the ferry over from Hong Kong. The energy around [the city], even since the last time I was here four years ago, has completely changed. 

I can’t believe the buildings that have gone up, the new stores, the new restaurants. I’m a big foodie, so to see these new restaurants in the [Sands China] buildings … they’ve gone to a whole different level, and that makes me very happy.

What are your favourite memories of Macao?

Even though I’ve been coming here for 10 years, this visit made me feel really happy. Seeing the energy here has made me really happy. People are walking around, having fun, they’ve got smiles on their faces – this experience is already one of my favourite memories.

Any favourite dishes you’ve tried in Macao?

If I have to pick one, it would have to be the egg tart

[Watch David Beckham and YouTuber Korean Englishman chow down on Korean barbecue while in town in this video organised by Macao News] 

While travelling, you make a point to share English culture and heritage with the world. Why is that important to you? 

I’ve always been patriotic. Obviously, I’ve been able to travel throughout my football career and for my business. My work has taken me to different parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America… Travel is what I love, and representing where I’m from, [when I travel] is very important to me. Now with Sands, whether that be in Singapore or Macao, I’ll always try to represent my country the right way. 

What do you enjoy most about working with Sands China?

We’ve been working together for a long time. That’s personally what I like in business – a long-term relationship. 

I went to Singapore with Manchester United but going there on my own for business, I am able to enjoy it a little bit more. When you’re a footballer, you fly in, you go to the hotel, you play the game, you leave. Whereas, I’ve been able to go different places and try different foods, which I was never able to when I was playing. So, this partnership has been rewarding for me and hopefully my partners at Sands.

The Londoner Macao grand celebration in May
The Londoner Macao’s grand celebration in May – Photos courtesy of The Londoner Macao

How did the Suites by David Beckham come about?

They were something that Rob Goldstein [chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands] and I had talked about for quite a while. Before the pandemic hit, we’d sat down with the guys at Sands and David Collins Studio and already designed the suites. That was five years ago, and I wasn’t able to come back [until now]. 

Coming back this time and seeing what we’ve created and just giving people an experience, I think that’s what Sands is all about. Whether it’s in the casinos, the restaurants, the entertainment – everything is about experience. That’s what we’ve tried to create with the DB Suites.

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How did you leave your personal mark on the suites?

In every single suite, whether it’s the coasters, the robes, the slippers, they’ve all got something that has to do with what I would have at home.

I’ve always been passionate about the smallest details and homeware. I hope I didn’t annoy the David Collins Studio team, because I am so particular with what I like. Working with them was such a joy – I am such a fan! 

My son Brooklyn loves photography and he published a photography book a few years ago. So in every suite, there are my favourite pictures and artwork [from his portfolio]. 

The first day I arrived, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I looked around, and there was a picture of me, watching me brushing my teeth. Like I say, the suites are very personal. 

I travel so much, and when I’m away, I miss my family. I wanted to be able to step into the suite and feel at home. It’s what makes me comfortable and happy when I’m away from home, and that’s what we’ve tried to achieve. It’s home away from home.

David Beckham sits down with Macao News Publisher Mariana César de Sá at The Londoner Macao
David Beckham sits down with Macao News Publisher Mariana César de Sá at The Londoner Macao

Let’s talk football for a minute. Every footballer has a hero. Who was yours? 

Bryan Robson. He played for Manchester United, midfield. He was a tough player, but he could head the ball, score goals, tackle, attack, defend. Everything about his game, I loved. When I was young, my dad would tell me, ‘Watch No. 7’. 

That’s why I wanted to wear No. 7. It’s why I wanted to captain my country one day – it was my dream as a kid. I was lucky that I captained Manchester United a couple of games and wore No. 7, and captained England and wore No. 7.

What motto do you live by?

Enjoy life. When you get older, you realise that time ticks away very fast. If there’s one thing I would like to stop, it is time. I see my kids growing up, I’m travelling and I do great things, but time is something we always run out of. 

I wish there were a few more hours in the day, a few more days in the year, but I’m very lucky with the travel [I’ve experienced], the people I meet and my family. I always try to enjoy what I do.


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