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Studio City to open water park in May

New attraction heralds the start of summer as parent company continues with a wide-ranging renovation programme despite poor financial results in 2020.

New waterside park will be an extra lung for Macao

Once finished, the 15,000 square-metre park promises fun for everyone with sports fields and exercise areas, jogging trails and kids’ play equipment.

Cross-border traffic increases as travel restrictions ease

Sharp rise in crossings at bridge and land borders accompanied by more vehicle registrations; more than 900 accidents in the first two months of 2021.

Over twenty activists demonstrate for press freedom outside TDM

Sunday’s protest, which lasted about 1.5 hours, was organised by the non-establishment New Macau Association which has one seat in the 33-member local legislature. 

Macao hits back at US human rights report

MSAR citizens enjoy a ‘wide range of rights and freedoms’ so the US should sort out its own problems rather than interfering in other countries’ affairs, says government.

New BioNTech vaccines ready for delivery to Macao

The fresh batches await results of investigation into the defective packaging which brought the vaccination programme to a temporary halt.

Economy & Finance secretary urges locals to hire mainland Chinese helpers

Covid-19 complicates employment procedures for residents who prefer cheaper South Asian helpers who do not have to live in.

New rule for public pools

It’s one grown-up, max two kids from now on; and – summer’s here: Estoril Pool opens tomorrow till the end of November. Dive in!

First case of Covid-19 UK variant reported in Macao

Carrier is a 24-year-old woman who had been studying in UK and returned to Macao earlier this month, having previously tested positive for Covid-19.

Alarm sounded over schoolchildren’s mental health

Survey reveals that pupils suffer depression, stress and anxiety and are not getting enough sleep or support.

Vaccination chief hails one year free of local Covid-19 cases

Residents commended for their achievements in keeping the pandemic at bay, and urged not to drop their guard in future.

‘Loving the Country, Loving Macao’ to be core principle for higher education

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture says tertiary institutions should aim to train ‘more patriotic youths for future development’.

E-voucher protest march axed due to Covid-19 risk; police nab 12 people

Dozens turn out in Praça do Tap Seac despite ban on gathering due to Covid-19 restrictions.

BioNTech: no clear solution in sight

After halting the German-made jabs on Wednesday, government has yet to announce when it will restart the full vaccination programme.

Returnee’s NAT test shows abnormality

The 29-year-old, who returned to Macao from the Philippines this week, is under observation at a clinic and will undergo further tests for Covid-19.

No vial defects found in Macao BioNTech vaccines

Jabs’ safety was never in question, says BioNTech and Fosun Pharma.

BioNTech jabs paused as SSM ponders next move

Thousands have to wait for their jabs as faulty packaging sets alarm bells ringing; options include using alternative batches or shipping in new doses direct from Germany.

Back to zero: 47th Covid-19 patient out of hospital

With no fatalities and an unblemished record of successful treatment, Macao is proving successful in the pandemic battle.

Batch 210102 of BioNTech vaccinations put on hold

Packaging lids at fault: citizens who have already made appointments told to stand by.

E-voucher roll-out may be postponed till June

Chief Executive apologises for complications, rules out topping up smartcards from last year’s scheme.

Five to eight typhoons to affect Macao this year

Macao might see between five to eight storms this year, says the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau.

Vaccine passports ‘possible’ as second round of jabs kicks off

Residents encouraged to complete their inoculations at the earliest possible date, while SSM chief dangles the possibility of overseas travel.

Macao Water to provide MOP 10 million in subsidies

Around 500 old low-rises with tap water problems can expect help with repairs over the next three years.

Arrivals hit 427,122 in February

Bigger numbers helped by a massive influx of mainlanders who favour the Individual Visit Scheme.

Last year sees 38 suspected domestic violence cases

Most cases involve physical violence, though there are some instances of mental and sexual abuse too.

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