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Studio City is your one-stop destination for family fun this summer

From state-of-the-art water parks to next-level playgrounds and the world’s largest figure-eight-shaped wheel, Studio City resort is where summer fun resides.



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Less than 1 minute Minutes

With the school summer break just around the corner, families are starting to plan activities to keep their young ones busy. Coming to the rescue is Studio City, which sets the standard for family fun in the city with its state-of-the-art playgrounds and water parks. Whether you call Macao home or are just visiting – in which case staying at the resort would prove ultra convenient – make sure you don’t miss out on what’s in store at Studio City. Let us walk you through its thrilling facilities.

A splashing good time at Studio City Water Park

Studio City Oblivion Pool
The Oblivion Pool at Studio City Water Park stretches from the inside to the outside of the building, making for a highly Instagrammable moment with the resort’s iconic figure-eight-shaped wheel as a backdrop

If aquatic adventures sound right up your family’s alley, Studio City Water Park is a no-brainer. Sprawling across over 26,000 square metres and housing a total of 25 attractions – including 13 thrilling water slides – the park is the only one of its kind in Macao and offers visitors of all ages much to love.

The outdoor section of the Water Park was unveiled in 2021, but the indoor area, with an outer space theme, was recently added. This new indoor area is perfect for when summer showers or strong rays of sun strike.

The outdoor 20-metre Highpoint Twister is the jewel of the crown – a maze of five different slides including a heart-stopping zero-gravity freefall and a 360-degree high-speed bowl.  

After the adrenaline rush, visitors can chill out as they float their way through the park’s outdoor lazy river or soak up the sun by the pool.

Meanwhile, if the Highpoint Twister crowns the park’s outdoor area, the indoor Teleport Tower is the largest integrated slide tower in the park and perfect for families to enjoy together – all of its three different slides have been designed for rafts of 2 to 3 riders. Not to be outdone, the Launch Tower leaves adrenaline-junkies awestruck with its thrilling water wormholes promising to deliver speedy rides and raft-clenching twists and turns.  

To amp up the excitement, a cross between a roller coaster and water slide dubbed Lightspeed Shuttle takes one or two riders on a wild ride complete with a raft ride uphill, followed by drops, turns and dark sections which add to thrill, speeding up and down based on the pull of gravity.

Macao’s first and only indoor surfing simulator – Space Surfer – draws much attention indoors too, and it’s no wonder; the city’s calm waters aren’t exactly known for surfing.

Next, visitors get to test their rock climbing skills at the 5-metre high Rockwall Fall, just before diving right into the pool. 

Begging for an Instagram snap, the lofty Oblivion Pool stretches from the inside to the outside of the building, where panoramic sides and a see-through floor will leave you feeling sky-high.

In between all the sliding and splashing, guests can replenish their energy levels at Luna Table. Tasty snacks, including fresh-off-the-grill burgers and refreshing drinks are served at both the outside and inside dining areas.

Hopping around at Super Fun Zone

Studio City Super Fun Zone
Housing five different zones spread across four levels, Super Fun Zone features a world of eye-catching play areas promising plenty of fun

Spanning four levels and nearly 3,000 square metres, Studio City’s Super Fun Zone offers five different themed play areas which appeal to different age ranges – Under the Sea, Mountain, Forest, Outer Space and Space Station – offering endless opportunities to climb, jump, ride, slide, and more. 

At the Forest, kids get to brave three different tree houses connected by rope bridges and race their way through the jungle in electric-powered karts. An ever-popular ball pit awaits Under the Sea, as well as a sizable soft play structure fitted out with obstacles and slides. 

Space Station’s Cosmic Bounce is a firm favourite among children. It’s fitted with neon-coloured planets hanging above a bouncy net where kids can hop to their hearts’ content. And if the young ones are still not satisfied, there’s more bounce to be had at Bounce-O-Matic, a drop tower guaranteed to wow thrill-seeking kiddos with its 5-metre freefall ride. 

Super Fun Zone also features a sprawling fully-padded play area designed especially for little ones.

Even better, Super Fun Zone promises to take the hassle out of organising your little daredevil’s birthday party, with packages featuring customised food spreads and drinks, birthday cake and party decorations on top of the best perk of all: all-day-access to the venue.

Reaching new heights at Golden Reel

Studio City Golden Reel
Standing 130 metres above the ground, Studio City’s Golden Reel is the world’s largest figure-eight-shaped wheel

Architecturally, Studio City is nothing short of spectacular. Adding to the wow factor is a ferris wheel built between the resort’s two Art Deco-inspired hotel towers. The wheel stands a staggering 130-metres above the ground and was launched in 2015 as the world’s first figure-8 wheel.

Climb aboard and settle back for a breathtaking ride around lucky-number-eight, where riders of all ages get to appreciate soaring views of the Cotai strip from one of the quirky Steampunk-themed cabins.

Immersive playing at Legend Heroes Park

Studio City Legend Heroes Park
Positioned as the next-level playground, Legend Heroes Park offers a thrilling experience with its cutting-edge virtual reality attractions and interactive screen sports

If there’s a gaming-mad kid in the family, Studio City’s Legend Heroes Park, which is brimming with tech-based entertainment, is a wonderland on its own. Combining technology, entertainment and sports, the venue offers a wide virtual world to explore, including popular franchises (such as Walking Dead or the more child-friendly Angry Birds), cutting-edge simulators, motion tracking, projection mapping and the like. 

A clear highlight of the facility is the Arena section is where visitors get to fully immerse themselves in the virtual realm with 50 different experiences. Ready to test your problem solving skills? Hit up the Escape Room and see how fast you can find your way out. Feel like fighting zombie walkers in a post-apocalyptic world? Play your favourite character at the Walking Dead Onslaught experience and see how many of them you can take down.  

Immersive experiences continue at the Prime section – from car racing to an Arabian Nights adventure complete with flying on a magic carpet or facing off against evil poachers alongside Mowgli in a 4-dimensional experience, it’s all about slipping into a role.

Although VR takes centre stage at the park, visitors can also transition to something a bit more palpable at the DPlay area. From pop rock-themed bowling to football tables, retro video games and screen sports, DPlay is at the park to prove that old-school fun still has a place in this technology-driven era.


Explore Studio City’s entertainment destinations this summer. Learn more here.

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