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An indulgent dining experience awaits at City of Dreams’ new premium steakhouse 

The Tasting Room – Prime Steak & Grill, at the Nüwa hotel in Cotai’s City of Dreams, fires up the premium steakhouse experience with immaculate cuts and flame-cooking expertise.



Less than 1 minute Minutes



Less than 1 minute Minutes

You can never go wrong with a good, rich steak. To many, they are the epitome of indulgent dining. At the same time, given their popularity, there’s always room for a steakhouse with a luxurious twist.

Nestled in the Nüwa hotel at City of Dreams, the newly opened The Tasting Room – Prime Steak & Grill answers the call with carefully sourced prime cuts, top-notch cooking techniques and meticulous detail. Every step of the process has been thought out to ensure that, once your steak lands on the table, its juices, flavour and texture are on point. The premium steakhouse’s grilling experts have mastered the art of cooking with fire, taking into account the uniqueness of each cut of beef. They grill the steaks to charred perfection while allowing its layers of flavour to develop. This results in the rich, succulent servings that are the star of the gastronomic show.

Prime cuts and scorching heat

The Tasting Room
The Tasting Room – Prime Steak & Grill showcases flame-cooking at its finest

Premium 28-day, dry-aged and wet-aged Wagyu beef hailing from Snake River Farms in the American state of Idaho, as well as grain-fed Black Angus beef and American bison are all featured on the menu, with the Wagyu Tomahawk (all 1,200 grams of it) hailed as the perfect sharing dish to dazzle meat-loving palates. 

Steaks are served with your choice of beef jus or homemade Bearnaise, green peppercorn, or chimichurri sauces. The latter is a piquant mix of fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar that originated in the steak-loving country of Argentina. 

Execution is as important as the prime cuts sourced from ethical farmers, and for this the restaurant uses a Spanish-made Josper charcoal oven, which reaches temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. This is key to achieving perfect searing and allowing the meat to retain its glorious full-bodied flavour and juices.

A premium steakhouse fit for all celebrations

The Tasting Room
Served up with a generous chunk of lobster, the restaurant’s appetising lobster bisque is a must-try

The menu and setting are ideal for convivial meals and all sorts of celebrations, whether it’s date night or a family gathering. Gather a group of three to four diners to enjoy the restaurant’s six-course menu, which will give you a taste of all its menu highlights, including the 1.2 kilogram T-bone steak, the fatty Black Angus ribeye and beautiful beef tartar – without overlooking the lobster bisque and crab cake. 

Those who visit The Tasting Room – Prime Steak & Grill for specialties other than beef won’t be disappointed either. Start your meal with a salad – the arugula with freshly shaved parmesan comes highly recommended – followed by an appetising lobster bisque or porcini mushroom soup served up with paper-thin slices of black truffle. There are sea bass, roast chicken and lamb dishes for diners wanting an option besides beef. Though most dishes are on the substantial side, you may want to save room for dessert. Try the signature blueberry cheesecake, a steakhouse staple, or the pavlova with hazelnut cream and passion fruit sauce.

The Tasting Room premium steakhouse
Nüwa’s premium steakhouse is the latest dining addition to Cotai’s sprawling City of Dreams resort

Both the main dining room and VIP private rooms (which can accommodate groups of up to 14 diners) boast views of the Cotai strip. A massive chandelier sparkling overhead catches the eye in a room that has been designed to exude sophistication without compromising on comfort.

Visit The Tasting Room – Prime Steak & Grill to savour perfect cuts in the heart of the Cotai Strip.

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