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Next-level mocktails: Where to find alcohol-free cocktails in Macao 

Gone are the days of cloying mocktails that feel like an afterthought. At these three bars, look forward to creative, balanced and delicious alcohol-free drinks.



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Less than 1 minute Minutes

Have an early morning meeting? Training for a marathon? Ditching alcohol for the long haul? Whether sober-curious or fully abstaining, it’s easier than ever to have a great night out sans booze. 

In Macao, the trend has just started to emerge, with a couple of pioneering bars introducing premium alcohol-free options for the sober and sober-curious. If you’re planning to ditch the booze, check out one of these three spots around town.   

Vida Rica Bar

Stefano Bussi, the head mixologist of Vida Rica Bar at the Mandarin Oriental, Macau says the bar has seen a growing demand for booze-free drinks in recent years – and the trend is here to stay. Just like they do with conventional cocktails, his team puts a lot of thought into its non-alcoholic creations, striving for high-quality ingredients, interesting flavour combinations and balance.

The glitzy bar also plans to introduce a new menu by the end of March that will feature a wider range of alcohol-free options, including specially crafted mocktails, adaptations of signature cocktails, Italian spritzes, sparkling teas and even wine. 

When it comes to the mocktails, Asian flavours shine. Try “The Reflection” – a concoction of Seedlip Spice (a plant-based alcohol alternative), pomelo and the kick of Sichuan pepper – or the “Honoring Fuqin”, which comprises a mix of Seedlip Garden, roasted tomato water, verjus (pressed juice of unripened grapes) and agave for a hint of sweetness. 

As an Italian, Bussi knows a thing or two about spritzes. For the new menu, he created a zero-ABV spritz: “The Rossino”, a fusion of alcohol-free McGuigan Zero Shiraz wine, Saicho Darjeeling Sparkling Tea and raspberry.

Wood House

Wood House Macao
A mix of Seedlip Spice and the guest’s choice of berries, “Complex Wolf” is one of the best zero-ABV creations to enjoy at indie bar Woodhouse – Photo by Macao News

Featured on our list of Macao’s top independent bars, Wood House has nailed the intimate cocktail bar vibe at its quiet location on Rua Central, just a short walk from Dom Pedro V Theatre. Behind the counter, bartender-owner Sola Wong can often be found chatting with guests about their tastes and preferences. From there, he suggests a drink from the menu or creates something new on the spot. 

On the menu, find a few classic mocktails, such as a virgin mojito, alongside novel options like the signature “Green Rabbit” and “Complex Wolf”. Made with Seedlip Garden, cucumber and pineapple, the former tastes bright and tangy. Meanwhile, the latter offers subtle spice and sweetness thanks to Seedlip Spice, your choice of berries (we went with strawberries), and a sprig of aromatic dill as a garnish. 

Whether mixing up a cocktail or mocktail, Wong loves to experiment with homemade syrups and infusions to layer flavours with precision. The only downside? These zero-ABV drinks will be gone in three sips.

The St. Regis Bar Macao 

The St Regis Bar Macao
The Newsweek Knickerbocker mocktail at The St Regis Bar is served with a side of popcorn – Photo courtesy of The St Regis Bar Macao

See just how grown-up and sophisticated alcohol-free drinks can be at this hotel bar, where head mixologist Kevin Lai and his team stir up several enticing creations. 

Enjoy bubbly tea-based mocktails in lieu of Champagne during afternoon tea or unwind with one of three signature mocktails after work. Better yet, Lai will prepare any cocktail on the menu without alcohol upon request or whip up a custom concoction based on your preferences.

Of the many choices, we’d recommend the “Newsweek Knickerbocker” – a mix of Seedlip Spice, cold brew coffee, strawberry and lime served with a side of popcorn – and the refreshing “Harlem Swizzle”, made with Seedlip Spice, lemon and mint.

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