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Hospitality pioneer Grand Coloane Resort gives quarantine a VIP makeover with ‘Personal Shopping Butler’ service

Macao’s only beach resort partners with retailers to offer guests personal shopping butlers, special deals and exclusive livestream shopping experiences during quarantine.



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Grand Coloane Resort

In partnership with

Grand Coloane Resort

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Grand Coloane Resort



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These days, it seems like quarantine is just a part of life. If you haven’t undergone Macao’s mandatory hotel isolation period, then you probably know someone who has. Many people dread the thought of isolation. Will it be lonely? Depressing? Boring? And it can indeed be challenging for many, though some Macao residents have accomplished amazing things during their quarantines

As one of Macao’s designated quarantine hotels, Grand Coloane Resort has gone above and beyond to transform isolation into a unique, rewarding experience through its “Quarantine in Style” programme.

“Before they came to the island, a lot of guests thought quarantine would be very isolating, but they have been amazed to discover what feels more like an island staycation at the only beach resort in Macao!” says Christian Buggelsheim, General Manager of Grand Coloane Resort. “We decided to use boredom as a window to wisdom with our Quarantine in Style programme. Guests appreciate the fact that they could still connect to the outside world even when they are going through quarantine, and they are not alone.”

Since January, the hotel launched its “Personal Shopping Butler” programme, which connects guests with digital butler services and exclusive deals from top-notch retailers on international, regional and local levels. For this shopping programme, the resort is working with three key partners: DFS, one of the largest international travel retailers of luxury products; New Yaohan, the city’s only all-in-one department store; and ISA Boutique, a one-stop-shop for international brands.

During quarantine, hotel guests can browse tens of thousands of products on their phones, with fast and easy delivery to their door within 48 hours.

Grand Coloane Resort

But what really sets this service apart is the bespoke butler service. Available via live chat and messaging apps, like WeChat or WhatsApp, the retail gurus will get to know each guest’s tastes, preferences and needs during quarantine, then offer tailored recommendations from wine vintages to limited-edition fashion collaborations.

When using the DFS butler service, guests can stock up on everything from essential skincare to jewellery, perfume, gadgets, and more. The retailer has also hosted a few live-streaming shopping events exclusively for Grand Coloane guests during Lunar New Year and right before Valentine’s Day. These live streaming opportunities offered hotel guests exclusive discounts up to 50 per cent off selected beauty products and complimentary gifts from Hennessy Cognac, such as a trolley bag and travel kit for purchases over MOP 6,000. The next session will be on 8 March to celebrate Queen’s Day, a special time of the year for all the ladies to pamper themselves with online shopping therapy.

As one of the city’s largest department stores, New Yaohan is another household name in Macao. By partnering with the local brand, guests of the resort have the chance to shop for children’s clothes, appliances, gadgets and even groceries. Through the partnership with ISA, guests can discover all kinds of great deals on luxury labels. 

Grand Coloane Resort service
Guests can also make use of the resort’s “shopping butler” service to get bespoke recommendations from Grand Coloane’s shopping experts – Photo courtesy of Grand Coloane Resort

Since the launch of the Personal Shopping Butler programme, some of the most popular orders include beauty products, daily necessities, self-care products, wine and liquor. Of course, guests also enjoy buying food, essentials and well-deserved treats.  

The Personal Shopping Butler programme is just one of the resort’s many efforts to make quarantine as comfortable and uplifting as possible. 

Welcome goodie bag
Kids will have fun, too! Grand Coloane Resort delights little ones with a welcome goodie bag that includes a teddy bear to take home – Photo courtesy of Grand Coloane Resort

“When selecting retail partners to bring this service to life, we looked for shared values: in the age of Covid-19, wellbeing is more important than ever. We are going through a psychological journey with our guests right now during this challenging time,” Buggelsheim says. “We must show them we care through innovative thinking that addresses their acute needs. For our guests, we never settle for less.”

According to Buggelshem, the hotel has received positive feedback about its quarantine services so far. There’s only so much you can prepare ahead of quarantine, so it’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to miss out on daily necessities like snacks and toiletries in case you forgot something. What’s more, just because you can’t leave the hotel room doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself with a facial mask or stay active with the hotel’s gym equipment rental programme.

Since quarantine requirements are unlikely to disappear anytime soon, Grand Coloane Resort’s thoughtful services will undoubtedly help many people make the most of the experience, whether that means ordering a special bottle of wine to savour with a movie, a new book to devour, or calming aromatherapy to help you relax, unwind and enjoy the alone time as much as possible. 

6 ways to ‘Quarantine in Style’  

Turn isolation into an island staycation with these thoughtful services at Grand Coloane Resort. 

1. 24-hour Virtual Butler service

The hotel offers a 24-hour Virtual Butler service for every guest to provide courtesy calls, fulfil dietary requirements, deliver birthday cakes, and drop off orders. 

2. 24-hour in-room dining

Guests can order freshly made meals anytime day or night to ensure a healthy, nutritious dining experience throughout their stay.

3. Gym equipment rental 

Those keen to stay active can continue their cardio, weight or mobility training in their rooms with yoga balls, dumbbells, treadmills and stationary bikes. 

4. VIK programme

For families, the VIK (Very Important Kids) programme includes complimentary infant essentials, while older tots will love the personalised children’s menu, cutlery and fuzzy teddy bear to take home.

5. Family-friendly activities

As part of the VIK programme, the hotel also provides engaging activities such as colouring books, drawing contests and popular board games like Jenga, Monopoly and more. 

6. Souvenirs to celebrate  

Remember the accomplishment with Grand Coloane Resort’s custom collection of “Staycation Souvenirs”, from a “Quarantine Survivor” tee to a smart power bank.


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