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Public services cut back heavily until 8 October

Much of Macao will slow to a halt over the next two days as health workers get to grips with the latest Covid-19 onslaught.




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Much of Macao will slow to a halt over the next two days as health workers get to grips with the latest Covid-19 onslaught.




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UPDATED: 22 Dec 2023, 4:45 am

The following public services have closed after this morning’s announcement by the government that civil servants are exempted from work from 5 to 7 October.

Macao Catholic Diocese

Bishop Stephen Lee Bun-sang announced that from 1 pm on 5 October 2021 until 7 October, all churches, institutions, and commission offices of the Diocese will be closed; staff are not required to come to work, and meetings of all kinds will be suspended. 

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM)

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Agency will only maintain basic operations and external services from 5-7 October. The public is urged to make an appointment online, by telephone or email for enquiries before going to the IPIM for business during office hours. At the same time, the Portuguese-speaking Countries Food Exhibition Centre under IPIM remains closed. 

Call 2871 0300 or email to [email protected] for any queries. 

Labour Affairs Bureau

The Labour Affairs Bureau will be closed until 8 October. Training courses, examinations, vocational skills tests and activities are closed, as are the construction industry occupational safety card courses. For work-related injury matters, declarations should be submitted to the Bureau by email [email protected] or fax: 2871 7771. 

In terms of labour inspection, the Labour Bureau provides three hotlines for enquiry about labour rights. The public can call 6555 0751, 6555 0752 or 6555 0754 hotlines from 9 am to 6 pm to contact staff or email [email protected] for consultation.

If citizens need to submit applications related to non-local employees, they can email [email protected] or fax 2871 1224, or mail to the Labour Affairs Bureau.

Macao Monetary Authority (AMCM)

The Macao Monetary Authority will only maintain basic operations and external services; temporary arrangements are as follows:

The external services that have been suspended include:

1) New application for insurance intermediary licence (except for an appointment) and renewal;
2) Declaration of continuous professional training plan for insurance intermediaries;
3) Car civil liability insurance joint insurance plan application (applicants should apply directly to Asia Insurance Co., Ltd.).

Maintenance of external services includes:

1) Banking business enquiries and complaints (only telephone and email services are provided);
2) Insurance business enquiries and complaints (only telephone and email services are provided);
3) Insurance intermediary licence application enquiry (only telephone and email services are provided);

Inquiries/Complaints: Banking-Tel: 2856 8856 / Email: [email protected]; Insurance Business-Tel: 8395 2280 / Email: [email protected]; Insurance intermediary-Tel: 2822 1180 / Email: [email protected]

For the latest information about the AMCM, please visit the official website.

Legal Affairs Bureau

The Legal Affairs Bureau has suspended all external services until 8 October, including registration and notarisation services, certification services and judicial assistance services.

The death registration service will be conducted on the second floor of the Public Administration Building from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. For enquiries, please call 2855 0110 during the above hours.

In terms of judicial assistance services, if there is a need for emergency services, citizens should call 2853 3540 during normal office hours (9 am to 1 pm, 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm).

Transport Bureau

The Transport Bureau has completely suspended all services. For enquiries, please call the traffic line 8866 6363 (automatic recording system).

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center will be suspended until 8 October. If there are emergencies or special situations during this time period, contact 6659 5130 between 9 am and 5:45 pm.

Regarding courses, all public courses and examinations continue to be suspended. The center will pay close attention to the development of the pandemic and release information to the website and news media as soon as possible. 

Economic and Technological Development Bureau

The Economic and Technological Development Bureau will suspend all basic services until 8 October and only provide emergency services for import and export licence applications. To request an import and export licence urgently, call Lin at 6661 6837 or Chen at 6662 6963.

Financial Services Bureau

The Financial Services Bureau and its branches (including the Tax Enforcement Office) will suspend all external services until 8 October. The self-help server, e-service and mobile application Macau Tax will operate as usual.

During this period, citizens can apply for declaration and payment through contactless channels such as online electronic declarations, mobile device applications, self-service kiosks, and bank online services of the Finance Bureau. Call 6666 9964 during office hours for any queries.

Cultural Affairs Bureau

All cultural venues under the Cultural Affairs Bureau are currently closed. External services have been suspended in response to the epidemic. The reopening time of each venue will be notified separately. The original book return period of the public library will be announced during the closing period with corresponding extensions; citizens do not need to rush to return books and materials. 

The 2022 “Cultural Activities/Project Funding Programme” and the “Cultural Arts Management Talent Training Programme” application of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the online application system launched a few days ago, is still operating as usual, and the system will be operated as scheduled in the afternoon of 7 October. It will be closed at 6 pm, and the original organisation can make an appointment to visit the Cultural Affairs Bureau building to submit the original application slips and related materials of the above two programmes. 

Municipal Affairs Bureau

The general public service points of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) were suspended at 1 pm today; the office for municipal markets and cemeteries remain open to the public, and the “Municipality Online” and the citizen service hotline 2833 7676 also remain in operation to receive opinions from the public. At the same time, the IAM maintains various quarantine services, and continues to conduct sanitation, disinfection and inspections of public places and public facilities.

In order to stabilise food supply and health quarantine, IAM will maintain food quarantine, live animal quarantine, and retail dog and cat food quarantine services during the above-mentioned period. 

The municipal kennels in Macau and the municipal kennels in Coloane are closed. Basic services that have been reserved will be cancelled and only emergency services will be provided.

At the same time, in order to cope with the epidemic prevention work, barbeque areas, free sports grounds, and bicycle rental services under the jurisdiction of the IAM will be suspended. In addition, to reduce crowds, the chess stands, pavilions and children’s play areas in parks and recreation areas will also be closed until further notice.

The IAM has also stepped up inspections of licensed and regulated premises, calling on relevant premises to comply with the Health Bureau’s epidemic prevention guidelines. The public must present a valid green Macao Health Code when entering the premises, and work together to reduce the risk of disease spreading in the local community.

Social Security Fund

The Social Security Fund’s services to the public are suspended during the aforementioned period, and only online services will be maintained.

To enquire about general administrative procedures, residents may call the 24-hour interactive voice response hotline 2823 8238 (Social Security System) or 2823 0230 (Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System).  For other details, please visit the Social Security Fund’s website at

Macao Fashion Festival

The Macao Fashion Festival 2021 originally scheduled for this month has been postponed. The specific date will be announced later.

Originally to be held at the Venetian Cotai Convention and Exhibition Hall B from 21-23 October, it will be postponed to December. The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center will also do relevant follow-up work and notify relevant exhibitors.

Correctional Services Bureau

The Correctional Services Bureau will suspend all non-emergency services during the above-mentioned period. The details are as follows:

1) Coloane Prison has suspended the services of visiting inmates, meeting with social workers, processing permit applications for visiting inmates, applying for video visits to inmates, making appointments for interviews with prison social workers, and applying for certificates of incarceration;
2) The Juvenile Reformation Home has suspended all external services, including services for visiting students, meeting with social workers, processing permit applications for visiting students, applications for video visiting students, and applications for certificates of admission;
3) The Service Consultation Center of the Correctional Services Administration, located at Block A on the 8th floor of China Plaza, has suspended all external services.

Citizens who wish to apply for a permit to visit a person in custody, an application for a video visit to a person in custody, an appointment with a prison social worker and an application for a certificate of incarceration can apply online.


UPDATED: 22 Dec 2023, 4:45 am

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