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The government’s Ilha Verde shelter has opened in advance of the cold weather

The mercury will plummet tomorrow and Wednesday as Macao gets caught up in the cold front hitting southern China.





The Ilha Verde shelter has been opened for residents requiring shelter from the anticipated cold weather. Blankets, hot drinks and warm food will be available at the facility to anyone in need.

The shelter – located at E1 Bairro da Ilha Verde Building, 34 Rua Leste da Ilha Verde – began operations yesterday in response to a yellow cold weather alert from the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (commonly known by its Portuguese initials SMG). 

The bureau has revised its minimum midweek temperature forecast from 7°C  to 6°C or lower tomorrow and Wednesday. However, wind-chill factor, rain and cloudy skies mean “the perceived temperature will be lower than the actual temperature,” the SMG warns 

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The cool weather has also led to concern for seniors in the community. Pen Ka Lon, the manager of the Peng On Tung elderly welfare organisation, said the group would dispatch volunteers to check up on elderly citizens during this time. In an interview with TDM, he urged seniors to wrap up in the coming days. 

Macao is not the only place in China to be hit with a cold front. At 10:00 am today, the National Meteorological Centre issued a cold warning for several parts of the country. In Guizhou province in the southwest, the mercury could plummet to as low as -8°C, the centre said. 

Though northern hemisphere temperatures have been falling with the winter season, there have been multiple reports that 2024 will be even hotter than 2023, the hottest year since records began. 

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