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In conversation with NBA champion and Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade

The American basketball legend talks to Macao News about the Jordon-James GOAT debate and picks his all-time five-a-side team.




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Less than 1 minute Minutes

Through a 16-year illustrious career, basketball legend Dwyane Wade has seen and won it all – from becoming a three-time NBA champion (2006, 2012, 2013) and winning an Olympic gold medal (2008), to being Miami Heat’s all-time leader in the number of points and assists. Wade became the fifth player in Miami’s history to get his jersey retired and will be the first in the club’s history to receive a bronze statue, which will be unveiled in the fall this year.

“Let’s not get confused with the championships and accolades,” Wade, 42, said at yesterday’s Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit at the Galaxy International Convention Centre. “The person you see and experience is who I am to the core.” 

Wade’s love for the game began when he was nine years old, growing up in Southside Chicago. His hometown team, Chicago Bulls, and legend of the game, Michael Jordan, had just won the club’s first championship. Wade went from being a fan to getting drafted and joining the Miami Heat when he was 21 years old. The rest is history.

Wade first set foot in Macao to play an exhibition game at the Venetian court with the 2008 US men’s Olympic basketball team – nicknamed the Redeem Team. It was also the same time he crossed paths with Li Ning, an Olympic winner and founder of the eponymous sports brand. Four years later, the two collaborated to create a line called Way of Wade and even signed a lifetime contract in 2018.

Dwyane Wade made time for a quick chat with Macao News on the sidelines of the GBA sports summit.

Who would you pick in your dream five-a-side basketball team?

That list is going to ever change and ever evolve because the game keeps changing and evolving. But I think people that will be a staple, of course, are going to be Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Adding to that is Shaq, as a fan and as a teammate. Then we can go with either [Allen] Iverson or Steph Curry.

These are players that I like, it’s not about making the right team. I just love the style of play. 

Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

They are both the best. Close your eyes. Everyone likes to have this GOAT (“greatest of all time”) conversation. We’ve been talking about this for a very long time. They’re both GOATs. So just close your eyes, pick one and you will be perfectly fine.

Who is your current favourite Miami Heat player?

Bam [Adebayo]. He’s been one of my rookies. From when I was there, to see him go to the level now, he’s a three-time all-star. He’s the guy people are going to for big shots and down the stretch, just to watch him evolve. 

At the same time as he’s evolved, he hasn’t changed the core of who Bam is. He’s still a mama’s boy and a good dude. Every young player that you tried to give some knowledge to, it’s nice when you walk away and get to watch them go to that mountain-top level. I think they become your favourite. So I would say for me, it’s Bam.

Which young NBA player in the league are you rooting for?

There are so many. But I’m a real big fan of Anthony Edwards. We shared the same coach. Tom Crean was my college coach at Marquette University and his college coach at Georgia. So we have that same Crean DNA in us and so I root for him.

Name a player in the NBA you wish you could have played with.

Wemby [Victor Wembanyama]. He’s an alien. I got a chance to play with a few guys like that. I played with Shaq, who was one and LeBron. So I’d love to play with another one and that would be Wemby.

Who is the toughest player, and which is the toughest team, you’ve faced?

The toughest player will have to be Kobe Bryant. One that everyone doesn’t know or I haven’t talked about is Marco Belinelli. He was a tough player to guard. Anybody who plays basketball knows what I mean.

The team would probably be the Detroit Pistons. Around the time when we were trying to win championships, they were the team in the East. Shoutout to my brother Rip [Richard Hamilton]. They were amazing. So to be able to get over that hump and beat Detroit Pistons, that was like, we were doing some with ourselves.

Name a few mentors in your life.

Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning.

Who’s one person you’re eager to get on your The Why with Dwyane Wade podcast?

Jerry Seinfeld.

What is the most significant contribution you believe you’ve made to the sport of basketball?

Being an ultimate team player. Basketball is a team sport. I think I’ve been one of the ultimate team players. So that’s my contribution to showcase to young players that it’s not an individual sport. You don’t have to individually say “It’s all about you” to have the success that you probably crave.

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