Building the future

Saturday afternoon, 16th April: as the city of Praia basks in a perpetual warm breeze, Cabo Verde’s capital rests from an intense week-long music festival, simultaneously anticipating the close of its annual Kriol Jazz Festival that same evening. Located near the centre square in the heart of the “Plateau” overlooking the city harbour and offering … Continue reading "Building the future"

Degas’s ballerinas in motion in Macao

Imagine a man who zealously observes horses running and women dancing, compulsively photographing, drawing, and sculpting these subjects in an attempt to immortalise each moment, each movement for eternity. Nowadays, anyone can do this with a snap of their smartphone, but in 19th century France, Edgar Degas was a pioneer of camerawork in Europe and … Continue reading "Degas’s ballerinas in motion in Macao"

Sailing in the waves of history

The Macao Maritime Museum celebrates the city’s intimate relationship over five centuries with the sea – from which its people earned their living and which brought the Portuguese from the other side of the world. When it opened in 1990, it was the first custom-built modern museum in the city. It occupies a historic site … Continue reading "Sailing in the waves of history"


When I was small and my parents went out fishing, they left me in the care of an old lady in a wooden house by the sea and picked me up in the evening. I spent the day anxiously waiting for their return. When it was high tide, I knew they were coming back. This … Continue reading "Sea-Nostalgia"

Macao beneath the surface

To better understand the scope of St Paul’s Church and the adjacent St Paul’s college, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao invited the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to conduct an archaeological project entitled “St. Paul’s College Ruins Archaeological Investigation and Excavation Project.” Six years of archaeological work behind the … Continue reading "Macao beneath the surface"

A greater Pearl River Delta

Macao to integrate more closely with PRD during Five-Year Plan During the Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), Macao will, with Hong Kong, integrate more closely with the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and nine other mainland provinces, as it seeks to consolidate its role as a world tourism and leisure centre and diversify its economy. This is an … Continue reading "A greater Pearl River Delta"

Special puzzle

A row of 11 yellow glazed figures guard the roof of a building in Beijing’s Forbidden City. They include a dragon, a phoenix, a lion, a sea horse and a bull that can drive out evil spirits. If you go to the spot in Beijing, you can barely see them, on the top of the … Continue reading "Special puzzle"

Setting the scene

A Macao-inspired masterpiece by a Chinese playwright during the Ming dynasty.   A visit to the new Portuguese settlement of Macao in 1591 was the inspiration for the masterpiece of the Chinese playwright Tang Xian-zu which has been performed across the centuries up to present day.   Tang completed ‘The Peony Pavilion’ in 1598; it … Continue reading "Setting the scene"

Twenty years of growth

In 2015, its 20th year, Macau International Airport (MIA) received a record of 5.8 million passengers and 30,000 tons of cargo. It has 30 airlines serving a total of 44 destinations.   It has been a long journey since its opening on December 8, 1995. Six years earlier the Portuguese government had given a 25-year … Continue reading "Twenty years of growth"

Abundant supply for the future

To meet rising demand, especially in Taipa and Coloane, Macao is going to build its largest water treatment plant and funding a major new pipeline that will bring water to it from Hengqin.   Nacky Kuan, executive director of the Macao Water Supply Company (Macao Water), said work on the new plant, in Seac Pai … Continue reading "Abundant supply for the future"

The new face of Macao’s libraries

From 2016, all 16 libraries have been put under the management of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, under the name ‘Macao Public Library’. Changes in the opening hours and other adjustments are expected throughout the year.   For the libraries of Macao, 2015 was an important year – it marked the 120th anniversary of Macao Central … Continue reading "The new face of Macao’s libraries"

2016, a busy year for IPIM

Interview with Jackson Chang, President of Macau Trade and Investment Institute Macao Magazine: Do you think that more should be done in the Pearl River Delta to put SMEs in contact with other companies in the region?   Jackson Chang: Guangdong and Macao are situated on the Pearl River Delta, with a population of around 55 … Continue reading "2016, a busy year for IPIM"

Keeping the Faith

Macao’s rich religious heritage gains international recognition. Four centuries ago, Catholic missionaries travelled to Macao to study at St. Paul’s College, the first higher-education institution founded by Jesuits serving the Portuguese empire.   Today, thousands of tourists flock to the Chinese territory to visit this institution along with a multitude of churches and chapels and … Continue reading "Keeping the Faith"

Dream-makers under 30

Young filmmakers Cheong Kin Man, Emily Chan and Tracy Choi have taken Macao’s name to international film festivals (March 2016) For every rule, there is an exception. If reaching stardom at an early age was synonymous with wishful thinking, then Cheong Kin Man, Emily Chan and Tracy Choi are the exception to this rule. Still … Continue reading "Dream-makers under 30"

The walls are alive

Macao’s walls have taken on a new lease of life with the growth of graffiti (March 2016) When walking through the streets of Macao, don’t be surprised to find yourself asking what all these splashes of colour and designs drawn on walls represent. You may also find yourself smiling at the provocation. That is the … Continue reading "The walls are alive"