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Customs seizes parallel trading haul worth MOP 910,000 of cosmetics & CPUs

MOP 910,000 worth of 1,300 cosmetic products and CPUs were seized in a shop near the Barrier Gate checkpoint.

A haul of about 1,300 items worth about MOP 910,000, such as cosmetic products and CPUs, were seized in a shop near the Barrier Gate checkpoint on Tuesday after the Macao Customs Service and Public Security Police (PSP) jointly intercepted an illegal parallel trading racket, the Macao Customs Service said in a statement Wednesday night.

According to the statement, a shop owner, three shop employees and five parallel traders were arrested.

The statement said that based on intelligence, the Macao Customs Service identified a shop in Estrada dos Cavaleiros near the Barrier Gate checkpoint as a suspected venue for storing parallel-trading goods.

After putting the shop under surveillance, suspicious activities prompted the two security forces on Tuesday to raid the suspected parallel-trading den. The statement pointed out that there was “strong evidence” showing that the shop owner illegally hired people as parallel traders and asked them to carry a small quantity of goods each time from Macao to cities in Guangdong province  to evade customs checks. 

The statement said that offenders face a fine of up to MOP 50,000 each for breaching the External Trade Law, and all the products have been impounded by the government.

(The Macau Post Daily/Macao News)
Photo by Macao Customs Service

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