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Ways to restore energy this spring by Mariana de Oliveira Dias

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time where liver function and detoxification are most active making it the ideal time for an annual check-in with ourselves.




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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the time where liver function and detoxification are most active making it the ideal time for an annual check-in with ourselves.




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Mariana de Oliveira Dias is a certified wellness consultant and nutrition coach, certified yoga instructor and raw vegan chef. In 2014 she opened Macao’s first cold-pressed juicery, Sattva Juicery and Kitchen, and more recently her consultancy, MOD – Integrated Wellness and Consulting services Limited, which aims to provide wellness services to Macao’s community through events, workshops and nutrition.

In her “Wellness for All” column, Mariana will be answering questions from our readers, bringing her wellness knowledge to our community, making health and happiness part of our everyday thinking.

Dear Mariana, I am feeling depleted from work, life, grief and pandemic anxieties. How can I restore my energy this spring?  

Sunny skies, flowering trees and warmer temperatures herald one of my favourite times of the year. Not only does spring bring countless symbols of growth, renewal, and change, but it’s also a very important season in regard to our health and wellbeing. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the time where liver function and detoxification are most active. This is one of the many reasons why spring is ideal for an annual check-in with ourselves. And with our exhausting pace of life, pandemic anxieties and the ongoing uncertainty of 2021, we all need to take extra care of our minds and bodies this year. 

I have worked with many people who feel trapped, bored, or overwhelmed as a result of the emotional and physical exhaustion of the past year. When that happens, we may start losing track of what it means to thrive – lose motivation, become disenchanted and disengaged. 

As a health and nutrition coach, I often guide my patients through a gentle spring detox to help them balance their hormones, release toxins, refresh the system, and kickstart their metabolism ahead of spring and summer. 

My body shows signs that “it’s time for a cleanse” in many ways, from headaches to acne, constipation to fatigue, weight gain to irregular periods. My go-to solutions for recharge and renewal include this free, DIY 3-Day Raw Food Cleanse, which includes smoothie bowls, healthy snacks, chia pudding with nuts and seeds, fruit salad, apple cinnamon rawnola, and veggie burritos  – all of which you can make at home. But please don’t wait for these symptoms to arise to act. You can always give your body a break.  

If you commit one to three days of raw, plant-based dining, you will not only feel much better and more energised, but also reconnect with yourself in the process. Aim to do it over the weekend when you have more time to focus on your needs, mindfully prepare meals, and pay more attention to your thoughts and emotions.

Exercising outdoors is another great strategy to renew your energy. Movement increases energy production, supports detoxification, makes us sweat, boosts feel-good hormones, and so much more. Plus, natural light is one of the most synchronising agents for the brain and body, improving your mood, natural sleep-wake cycle, hormone release and performance. 

And don’t overlook your personal environment. We need to clear physical spaces in our lives so our minds can breathe and expand. Start by choosing just a few areas that you commonly use – perhaps your living room and work desk – then clean, organise and recycle or donate everything you don’t need. If you’re feeling a little more experimental, try smudging (the practice of burning herbs and wood to spiritually cleanse a space) using palo santo wood.  

Spending extra time with colleagues, friends and loved ones – really cultivating those social connections – is another way to renew your relationships and, in turn, your own internal energy. 

It’s been a rocky year. And though we’re all feeling uncertain about what lies ahead, keep in mind that you are not alone. No person, organisation or community has escaped the effects of this global pandemic. 

But its lasting impact comes down, in part, to your mindset. Try to approach new challenges and experience as growth opportunities. Focusing intentions on renewal helps us adapt to our constantly-changing circumstances, evolve from our experiences, and cultivate wellness with greater acceptance and ease. 


In love and light, 

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