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Macau 22 days without new imported COVID-19 case

Macau has had no new imported COVID-19 cases for 22 consecutive days since April 8 – 1 more discharged today and 5 have also completed the 14-day recovery isolation period. Golden Crown China Hotel has also been emptied today.





UPDATED: 22 Dec 2023, 5:44 am

Inês Chan Lou, head of the Licensing and Inspection Department of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), said that the Golden Crown China Hotel – located opposite the local airport in Taipa – which had been used for quarantine, has been emptied today.

The 300-room Golden Crown China Hotel had been used for medical observations since March 17.

The Health Bureau (SSM) is supervising the cleaning and disinfection of the hotel.

The hotel will no longer be used as a quarantine hotel.

While the stay at a quarantine hotel is free of charge for local residents, non-locals need to pay 5,600 patacas (US$700) for the 14-day stay.

Pousada Marina Infante Hotel is now the only remaining designated hotels.

Chan also said during a press conference that, at present, there are a total of 74 people in the remaining hotel for quarantine and among them are 46 Macau residents. Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 during their quarantine hotel stay is immediately transferred to the isolation ward of the public Conde S. Januário Hospital Centre.

Home quarantine is no longer practised in Macau.

One more discharged

Macau has had no new imported COVID-19 cases for 22 consecutive days since April 8.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced today that one more confirmed novel coronavirus patient has been discharged and transferred to Centro Clínico de Saúde Pública for a further 14-day recovery isolation period.

Macau’s 35th discharged patient – the 20th confirmed COVID-19 case – is the 20-year-old local resident studying in Warwick, UK, who arrived in Macau on March 17. He was diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 22.

The patient was in stable condition prior to release from isolation and met the discharge criteria after 40 days of hospitalisation. Macau’s last discharged cases were on April 29.

Macau’s first novel coronavirus case was registered on January 22. Nearly all of Macau’s novel coronavirus cases have been imported, with the second wave beginning March 15.

There have only been 45 confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Macau, with 35 patients already discharged and no deaths.

Macau had its first reconfirmed case on Monday, with the patient remaining at the Centro Clínico de Saúde Pública for further observation.

Five have completed the 14-day recovery isolation period

Meanwhile, medical director of the Conde S. Januário Hospital Alvis Lo Iek Long also announced the release of five people from Macau’s second wave of COVID-19 from the 14-day recovery isolation period today.

One is the Spanish traveller who has applied for delayed payment, with full amount given within 30 days. The other four are Macau residents, whose hospitalisation costs have been covered by the government.

Non-residents of Macau are charged with hospitalisation fees according to their treatment.

UPDATED: 22 Dec 2023, 5:44 am

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