“Good job!” New FM Commissioner gives Macao a pat on the back

Macao has done well over the past two decades, especially in its battle to prevent and contain Covid-19, says commissioner.

Online crime soars during Covid-19 pandemic

Credit card fraud runs rampant as customers shop from home, but while there is less violent crime, child sexual abuse is on the rise.

New European vaccines to be rolled out next week

As more than 25,000 volunteers sign up for free jabs, experts say German vaccines best for under-16s and seniors, Chinese fine for other age groups.

Covid-19 jabs for first 2,600 volunteers

More than 12,000 queue up for their shot, as health officials report no adverse effects and exhort residents to protect themselves as soon as possible.

Macao gears up for vaccination battle

Macao’s Covid-19 vaccination drive is on a roll, with 2,000 volunteers inoculated already and thousands more signed up for their first jab.

Thousands of Vietnamese stranded in Macao

Around 3,000 Vietnamese nationals are currently stranded in Macao according to the Overseas Vietnamese Association.

Ho Iat Seng’s CNY message praises Macao’s fight against Covid-19

The Chief Executive promised that his government will work with all sectors of civil society to overcome adversity in the Year of the Ox. 

Chief Executive calls for residents in Macao to be vaccinated

Macao Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng called residents in Macao to be vaccinated on a voluntary basis today.

Chief Executive inoculated with Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine

Macao Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng and other principal officials were inoculated today with the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine, except the Secretary for Administration and Justice.

Macao Covid-19 vaccinations to start on Tuesday

The 100,000 Sinopharm vaccines arrived in Macao by freezer truck after a 30-hour drive from Beijing, China.

Macao reports new “weak positive” Covid-19 case; tally up to 48

After two days and numerous nucleic acid and other tests in the public hospital’s isolation ward, the man has eventually tested positive.

Ho thanks Portuguese and English language media for their work during Covid-19

Ho said that his government was looking forward to strengthen cooperation with the Portuguese- and English-language media.

Zhuhai rushes Covid-19 vaccine to frontline workers

Zhuhai’s frontline workers and other vulnerable staffers will be vaccinated against Covid-19 by 5 February.

Covid-19 cripples Macao aviation industry

Commercial flights have dropped by more than 80% according to the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC).

Returnees and crew members in quarantine test negative for Covid-19 2nd time

All 108 passengers in quarantine after returning to Macao tested negative for Covid-19 in their second nucleic acid test.

Firefighters took 3,311 suspected Covid-19 patients to hospital last year

Ambulances were called 2,551 times for Covid-19-related cases in 2020, which is a 12.24 per cent decrease year-on-year.

Non-resident workers & non-local students to be covered by free Covid-19 vaccines

In addition to local residents, non-resident workers and non-local students will be covered by the government’s free-of-charge Covid-19 vaccination drive, which will happen later this year.

Zhuhai notifies Macao about Covid-19 case imported from Ukraine

Visitors of Zhuhai’s Doumen district between 16 January and Saturday to seek treatment at the public Conde de São Januário Hospital Centre if they experience Covid-19 symptoms.

Government considers insurance for Covid-19 vaccines

Including possible insurance cover, the government expects to spend, on average, about MOP 500 on two Covid-19 injections per person.

One among 109 returnees tests positive for Covid-19

A total of 109 Macao residents returned to Macao via two Air Macau flights from Tokyo Thursday night – and one of them tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Macao must resolutely defend national security, fight against Covid-19 must not be relaxed

Macao must resolutely defend national sovereignty, security and development interests, said Fu Ziying, director of the Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Macao.

Government cancels CNY market over Covid-19 threat

The bureau will refund fees to the winning bidders who had obtained a permit to operate booths at the annual CNY market.

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