BioNTech jabs restart after 12-day hold-up

Fresh batch of German vaccine used for new round of inoculations as manufacturer and supplier continue to investigate faulty packaging.

BioNTech vaccinations set to restart on Monday

19,500 doses of the BioNTech vaccine were delivered to the public hospital today with vaccinations scheduled to restart on Monday.

BioNTech jabs should resume next week

New health chief says the replacement vaccines are on their way, and the city-wide inoculation programme will get back into its stride once they arrive.

New BioNTech vaccines ready for delivery to Macao

The fresh batches await results of investigation into the defective packaging which brought the vaccination programme to a temporary halt.

First case of Covid-19 UK variant reported in Macao

Carrier is a 24-year-old woman who had been studying in UK and returned to Macao earlier this month, having previously tested positive for Covid-19.

Vaccination chief hails one year free of local Covid-19 cases

Residents commended for their achievements in keeping the pandemic at bay, and urged not to drop their guard in future.

BioNTech: no clear solution in sight

After halting the German-made jabs on Wednesday, government has yet to announce when it will restart the full vaccination programme.

Returnee’s NAT test shows abnormality

The 29-year-old, who returned to Macao from the Philippines this week, is under observation at a clinic and will undergo further tests for Covid-19.

Alvis Lo to be new SSM chief

A highly experienced consultant pulmonologist, Lo has played a major role in shaping the government’s Covid-19 strategy.

No vial defects found in Macao BioNTech vaccines

Jabs’ safety was never in question, says BioNTech and Fosun Pharma.

BioNTech jabs paused as SSM ponders next move

Thousands have to wait for their jabs as faulty packaging sets alarm bells ringing; options include using alternative batches or shipping in new doses direct from Germany.

Back to zero: 47th Covid-19 patient out of hospital

With no fatalities and an unblemished record of successful treatment, Macao is proving successful in the pandemic battle.

Batch 210102 of BioNTech vaccinations put on hold

Packaging lids at fault: citizens who have already made appointments told to stand by.

Vaccine passports ‘possible’ as second round of jabs kicks off

Residents encouraged to complete their inoculations at the earliest possible date, while SSM chief dangles the possibility of overseas travel.

Quarantine for those arriving Macao from Hong Kong reduced to 14 days

This amendment also applies to people who have already entered Macao and are currently under medical observation.

Emergency services simulate lockdown in Coloane’s Seac Pai Van public housing estate

Hundreds of first responders and residents successfully join forces to practice what to do in the worst-case scenario.

No plans to cancel AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine; four Macao residents test positive for Covid-19 antibodies

No plans to cancel its 400,000 AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine order, hotel quarantine is producing results; SSM to examine 4 who tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies.

Macao eases entry ban on foreigners

In a sign that Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed bit by bit, foreigners without Macao ID can return to the city, but only if they fulfil strict criteria.

Covid-19 restrictions eased for arrivals from Taiwan

14 days “self-health management” no longer required after completing 2 weeks of quarantine at a government-designated hotel.

Macao’s first adverse reaction after Covid-19 jab is coincidental

The man already had a number of risk factors that could have caused the disease.

Updated: Mainland opens up to Macao’s foreign residents next week

However visas will only be granted to those who have been inoculated with Chinese-made vaccines.

Man in hospital after Covid-19 jab

The senior citizen is Macao’s first case of an adverse reaction following vaccination, which officials have been quick to play down.

Macao’s 2021 major sports events cut back hard

Grand Prix planning going ahead, but still not 100 per cent confirmed as Covid-19 continues to play havoc with life in the city.

Covid-19: Macao urged to stay vigilant

Despite the city’s success in battling the epidemic, the danger of new cases still lurks, so businesses and residents must double down on precautions.

Jabs for non-resident workers start tomorrow

Vaccination drive widens its net, as health officials make haste to point out nobody in Macao has suffered any serious effects after being inoculated.

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