Migrant workers in Macao face unemployment, poverty, repatriation in wake of new labour law

Experts say a shrivelling job market coupled with a restrictive new work permit law poses hardships for the city’s ‘blue card’ migrant workers.

Hengqin Island: Macao residents tap into investment opportunities across the border

With ongoing industry developments, major real estate projects and smoother immigration, Hengqin has attracted a stream of investment interest from Macao residents. But it could be five to 10 years before the island delivers returns.

José Luis Sales Marques says Macao must embrace the Greater Bay Area

The Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is a regional integration process that will lead to the formation of a world class megapolis integrated in China’s national development strategy.

Training Day: Inside the Macau Special Olympics

Wong Kin Hong, a track and field player who has been diagnosed with a moderate intellectual disability, rushes to the

Made in Macao: Where to shop for locally produced facemasks during Covid-19

Looking for locally made face coverings? These ‘Made in Macao’ brands are leading the city’s fight against Covid-19 with functional and fashionable facemasks.

Is Cantonese losing its mainstream status in Macao?

From the promotion of Mandarin as an educational medium to the influx of mainland Chinese tourists and migrants, we contemplate the future of Macao’s Cantonese dialect.

Meet Macao’s everyday heroes: 4 young people save the day in their own way

Tragedy has a way of bringing a community together or pulling them apart. In Macao, we meet a group of young people who have gone above and beyond to serve their community in unexpected, inspiring ways.

Ever wondered why there’s a plane in the middle of Seac Pai Van Park? Here’s why.

In 1987, single-engine Sagres and its crew completed the first aerial journey from Lisbon to Macao and became the first plane to land in the city. Today, the plane is parked in Coloane – a testament to this historic adventure.