Judiciary Police warn of ‘Tripping Jump Challenge’

Judiciary Police warns Macau’s youngsters not to mimic a prank circulating online called "Tripping Jump Challenge".

Online videos of a dangerous prank called “Tripping Jump Challenge” are circulating around the world, particularly by teenagers on social networking platforms, the Judiciary Police (PJ) warned in a statement at the weekend, urging Macau’s youngsters not to mimic the prank.

According to Saturday’s statement, the prank, in which two people get the person in the centre to jump, the two on either side of the victim then kick the legs of the person in the middle causing the “victim” to fall flat on his or her back, can cause physical injury or even disability.

Adolescents in foreign countries have imitated the game and caused injuries and even deaths, the statement warned

The Judiciary Police noted that many teenagers are curious about new things, and if they try to play the prank, it may cause others minor or serious injuries, or even severe physical disability.

The statement did not say where the prank started, but according to Dr. Adrian Wong on the rojakPOT website, it originated in South America where it is called “rompe cráneos” (“skullbreaker”) in Spanish.

According to the statement, if the prank causes bodily harm to another person, the offender faces arraignment on charges of causing bodily harm or even grievous bodily harm, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Therefore, the Judiciary Police urged schools and parents to warn pupils not to imitate the prank, also urging them to pay more attention to children’s use of social media. In case they discover that children are attempting to play the prank, they should be stopped in time and told about the physical dangers and legal consequences involved.

(The Macau Post Daily/Macau News)