Macanese Bolo Menino by Chef Wong Meng Kang

The 11th Macanese Cooking Competition winner Wong Meng Kang, a Commis I Chef (First Cook) at Wynn Macau, reimagines the classic Macanese Bolo Menino. Here’s how to make the dish at home.

Dumplings 101: 5 must-try Asian dumplings – and where to find them in Macao

You can find all kinds of dumplings in Macao but few actually originated here. From gaau-zi to gyoza, we track the stories behind the region’s most common dumplings, so you know where your favourite bites come from.

7 of the best Italian restaurants in Macao for family, business and entertainment

Whether you’re craving something ultra-traditional, luxurious or cheap and cheerful, these Italian restaurants will effectively transport you to the Mediterranean.

Casa Don Alfonso

The extensive menu at Grand Lisboa’s Casa Don Alfonso features a range of dishes inspired by the fourth-generation chef —


Getting together with friends and family to share food is a time-honoured Italian tradition, and Galaxy Macau’s Terrazza Italian Restaurant has mastered the art of hospitality.

Caffé B

If you’re looking to impress a client or simply feel like indulging, city-side dwellers will find what they are looking for at Caffé B.


Designed to look like a classic fast-paced Italian eatery, Pronto showcases high, vaulted ceilings, terracotta marble accents and a wood-fired oven as a backdrop.

Antica Trattoria

Established in 2003, Antica Trattoria has earned a reputation for honest, hearty food.

La Cucina Italiana

For a real neighbourhood vibe, you can’t beat Old Taipa’s La Cucina Italiana.

Ristorante Il Teatro

Find authentic Southern Italian food at Wynn Macau’s Ristorante Il Teatro.

Where Macao’s top chefs eat out: Iconic Portuguese restaurants, casual cafes and secret local spots

Three celebrated Macao chefs share their favourite spots for a meal out. Whether you’re looking for a special date night or a casual family feast, check out their delicious recommendations.

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Ever wondered what Macao would taste like as a beverage? Macao’s top mixologists use the city’s character as a creative springboard to bring you delicious, locally inspired libations.

7 essential Chinese New Year foods and where to find them in Macao

Chinese New Year is a time for gathering with family, friends and work colleagues over festive dishes and symbolic snacks. Many traditional CNY foods are loaded with meaning – learn the stories behind your favourites, plus where to find them in Macao.

Pork in tamarind shrimp paste by Chef Wong Meng Kang

Chef Wong Meng Kang recently won the 11th Macanese Cooking Competition in late 2020. Try his award-winning recipe for Macanese-style pork with shrimp-and-tamarind sauce at home.

The famous Macanese-style stuffed king crab meat in shell

As the winner of the 11th Macanese Cooking Competition, Chef Wong Meng Kang put his own spin on traditional Macanese-style stuffed crab shells. Here’s how to make the dish at home.

Eats on the streets: Meet the vendors keeping Macao street food traditions alive

Street food is woven into the fabric of Macao’s culinary heritage. Luckily, innovative street food hawkers have stepped up to keep the traditions alive and introduce new ones.

Green pea risotto with bacalhau by Chef Hans Rasmussen

IFTM Educational restaurant’s Chef Hans Rasmussen says his dish borrows inspiration from two European classics: Italian risotto and a French green pea soup called ‘crème ninon’.

Macanese cuisine: The past, present and future of the world’s first fusion cuisine

As one of the world’s first examples of fusion food, Macanese cuisine serves as an edible history of the SAR’s multicultural past. We look into its evolution – and the challenges it must overcome to stay alive.