Social Affairs

Filipino hero received award from Macau government

Filipino Loreto de Guia Mijares Jr. received a Prestige Honorific Title from Macau government during a ceremony for the Decorations, Medals And Certificates Of Merit held Friday.

22 Jan, 2018

‘Broken Tooth’ arrester dies in Portugal

The local Portuguese police chief Antonio Francisco Marques Baptista who went down in history for arresting high-profile triad kingpin “Broken Tooth” Wan Kuok Koi in the evening of May 1, 1998 dies in Portugal.

22 Jan, 2018

Macau police hunt for HK$48 million in gambling chips after casino robbery

Macau police authorities are tracking down almost HK$48 million worth of cash chips stolen from Wynn casino earlier this week, following the arrest of a debt-ridden croupier and his elderly relative in connection with the crime.

19 Jan, 2018

Flu-stricken CE takes sick leave – flu cases rising

Chief Executive Chui Sai On has been on sick leave since Tuesday after contracting influenza, the Government Spokesperson’s Office (GPV) said in a statement .

19 Jan, 2018

CTM chief says security, privacy can coexist in cyberspace

CTM CEO Vandy Poon Fuk Hei said Monday that the local telecom operator supports having a cyber security law in the city, pointing out he believes that security and privacy can coexist in cyberspace.

16 Jan, 2018

Top lawyer slams resolution aimed at sole lawmaker

Macau’s most senior lawyer has slammed a draft resolution proposed by two lawmakers because it appeared to be aimed at just one particular legislator.

15 Jan, 2018

Secretary for Security orders jail to review security checks

Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak has ordered the city’s prison administration to review its security checks of all those entering the jail, and also review its management and supervision of the over 1,000 inmates, the Secretariat for Security (GSS) said in a statement at the weekend.

15 Jan, 2018

Academic freedom is important: new University of Macau rector

Song Yonghua, the University of Macau’s (UM) new rector, said Wednesday that academic freedom is a core value of any university, adding that as the new UM rector he would comply with the university’s regulations to ensure academic freedom.

11 Jan, 2018

Macau, Guangdong ink nuclear emergency pact

Macau and Guangdong signed in Zhuhai on Monday a cooperation agreement on the emergency management of nuclear accidents in the neighbouring province, the Macau Unitary Police Service (SPU) announced Tuesday.

10 Jan, 2018

Adelsons donate 15 million patacas to USJ

Adelson Family Foundation presented a US$1.9 million ceremonial cheque Tuesday to the Roman Catholic University of Saint Joseph (USJ) to assist its recovery efforts after Typhoon Hato and subsequent floods caused major damage to its new campus in August and September last year.

10 Jan, 2018

Elderly woman dies of hypothermia

A elderly woman died  Tuesday of hypothermia, according to a statement by the Health Bureau (SSM).

10 Jan, 2018

Court postpones lawmaker’s disobedience trial

The Court of First Instance (TJB) said in a statement Monday that it has approved a request to postpone the date of the trial of directly-elected lawmaker Sulu Sou Ka Hou and fellow non-establishment activist Scott Chiang Meng Hin for alleged aggravated disobedience, from today as previously scheduled to Tuesday next week.

9 Jan, 2018

Lawmaker Sulu Sou Ka Hou finds lawyer for disobedience trial

Directly-elected lawmaker Sulu Sou Ka Hou and fellow non-establishment activist Scott Chiang Meng Hin have hired Jorge Menezes as their defence lawyer for their trial for alleged aggravated disobedience which is scheduled to start Tuesday, the New Macau Association (NMA) said in a statement Sunday.

8 Jan, 2018

Diocese ‘disagrees’ with in vitro fertilisation

The government has started a public consultation on a bill that regulates in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and the local Roman Catholic Diocese Sunday held a signature campaign in front of the churches of Macau’s nine parishes against the use of assisted reproductive technology.

8 Jan, 2018

Macau storm surge and typhoon signals

Macau government to amend storm surge and typhoon signals

Raymond Tam Vai Man said that his bureau will amend its system for the issuing of storm surge and tropical cyclone warning signals.

5 Jan, 2018

Angela Leong says she can take all greyhounds

SJM Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer Angela Leong said Tuesday that if any of the owners of greyhounds at the local racetrack didn’t want their dogs when it closes for good in July, she could take all of them.

3 Jan, 2018

Group calls for productivity assessment system for disabled

Hetzer Siu Yu Hong, director of the Macau Special Olympics (MSO), Thursday urged the government to set up a productivity assessment system for employees with disabilities, in order for them to be paid a “reasonable” wage.

29 Dec, 2017

Government announces medal recipients for 2017

The Macau government announced Tuesday the Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit awarded for 2017 that will be given to 42 individuals and organizations in recognition of achievement, outstanding contribution and distinguished service.

20 Dec, 2017

No abnormality in local Legionella incidence: Health Bureau

The Health Bureau (SSM) said in a statement this week there wasn’t any abnormal incidence of Legionella with "only" three cases officially recorded in Macau this year.

19 Dec, 2017

Hunting Season wins 2nd Macau film-fest

Hunting Season (“Temporada de Caza” in Spanish), a 2017 Argentine drama film directed by Natalia Garagiola, won the Best Film award of the 2nd International Film Festival & Awards Macau (IFFAM) Thursday.

15 Dec, 2017