Social Affairs

Police nab 110 illegal casino money changers and other rogues

The police arrested 110 men and women from the mainland at several casino-hotel resorts in Cotai between Friday and Sunday for illegally engaging in currency-exchange activities and various other illegal activities.

7 May, 2018

Wealth-sharing’ handouts start in July: govt

The government will start to distribute its annual “wealth-sharing” cash handouts to residents from early July, Executive Council spokesman Leong Heng Teng announced Thursday.

4 May, 2018

‘Crystal Fish’ drill successful: govt

The government says that the city’s first-ever typhoon drill named “Crystal Fish” succeeded in testing its recently drafted evacuation plan and its also recently designed command platform for emergency response.

30 Apr, 2018

Fake bank scams mainland firm out of 40 million patacas: police

A mainlander has been arrested as his company allegedly scammed a financial institution on the mainland out of US$5 million (about 40 million patacas), the Judiciary Police (PJ) have announced at a special press conference at their headquarters.

30 Apr, 2018

Govt proposes fake marriage offence: Wong

Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak said Thursday that the government was proposing a new category of crime for fake marriages in its possible amendments to the city’s immigration laws and regulations.

27 Apr, 2018

Govt to issue ‘digital’ health vouchers

The Health Bureau (SSM) announced Thursday that for its annual medical subsidy programme – informally known as health vouchers – this year, eligible residents will be issued “digital” medical vouchers instead – they can use the medical subsidy with their ID card (BIR) when receiving medical services at participating entities.

27 Apr, 2018

Macau typhoon drill

City’s first typhoon drill to take place on Saturday

The typhoon drill to be held between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday would imitate a storm surge, and residents in the high-risk flooding areas will be evacuated.

26 Apr, 2018

Customs to upgrade equipment to tackle seaborne crime

The Macau Customs Service will upgrade its equipment and introduce new technology to enhance security on the sea, the Customs Service said in a statement Monday.

24 Apr, 2018

People smuggler hides man in suitcase: customs  

The Macau Customs Service said in a statement Thursday that its officers busted an illegal immigration case in which a mainlander tried to smuggle a compatriot hidden inside a suitcase through the Barrier Gate border checkpoint on Wednesday.

20 Apr, 2018

Govt warns public of cryptocurrency scams

The Judiciary Police (PJ) urged the public Thursday to be wary of suspected cryptocurrency investment frauds.

20 Apr, 2018

Population density dips to 21,100

Macau’s population density dropped from 21,400 inhabitants per square kilometer in 2016 to 21,100 last year, the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC) said in a statement Thursday.

19 Apr, 2018

Macau now better prepared for typhoons: govt

Unitary Police Service (SPU) Commissioner-General Ma Io Kun said Thursday that Macau has improved its capabilities to respond to typhoons and carry out disaster relief measures, based on the lessons learnt from Super Typhoon Hato last year, so that it is now much better prepared for typhoons than in the past.

19 Apr, 2018

All bus rides to cost MOP 6 from Saturday onwards

All passengers paying with cash will have to pay MOP six per trip on all routes while passengers using Macau Pass will have to pay MOP three on regular routes.

17 Apr, 2018

Anima Macau receives MOP 1.9 million in funding from Macao Foundation

Albano Martins explained that the MOP1.9 million in funding will sustain the association – which looks after 700 cats and dogs – until the end of June.

16 Apr, 2018

MTR to operate LRT for 5 years for MOP 5.88 billion

Rosário said that therefore the government had decided to grant the MTR the operation agreement first so that Macau could learn from the Hong Kong company’s experience.

12 Apr, 2018

Anima may close in 6 weeks due to insufficient funds

Anima faces annual expenses amounting to about MOP10.5 million but receives just MOP3.8 million from the local government via the Macao Foundation.

12 Apr, 2018

Government proposes cancelling taxi-driving licences after four violations

According to Leong, the bill proposes that taxi drivers will face a fine of between 600 patacas and 30,000 patacas for violating various rules.

11 Apr, 2018

Councillor calls for ban on polystyrene food containers

Polystyrene food containers are very slow to biodegrade and release hazardous chemicals at very high temperatures - chemicals that are bad for the kidney and the liver and could even cause cancer.

11 Apr, 2018

149 people fined for smoking at bus stops in Q1

The bureau’s anti-smoking inspectors fined 1,420 people for illegally smoking during the first quarter, comprising 900 tourists, 477 residents and 43 non-resident workers.

10 Apr, 2018

Women singing ‘red songs’ shot with air gun pellets

Two women were shot by someone using an air gun in Iao Hon Market Garden on Monday morning, according to a statement by the Public Security Police (PSP). According to TV and radio reports by government-owned broadcaster TDM, the two injured are aged 58 and 66. No other details about the duo were provided. The … Continue reading "Women singing ‘red songs’ shot with air gun pellets"

3 Apr, 2018