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Police catch 3 Vietnamese and one local in drug bust

Three suspected members of a local Vietnamese drug gang, two men and a woman, were arrested between Wednesday night and on Thursday for drug trafficking.

Police seize liquid cocaine worth MOP 24.6 million

Two men were arrested after being found with 7,400 ml of liquid cocaine hidden in eight red wine bottles.

Malaysian police seek Broken Tooth

Malaysian police have asked Interpol to issue a Red Notice for renowned former Macao triad leader Wan Kuok-Koi, also known as Broken Tooth.

Scammers target Macao with fake insurance website

Scammers are using fake insurance websites in the latest ruse to dupe unwary netizens out of their money.

Couple arrested for burglary and fencing

A 29-year-old man was arrested on Monday for burgling a flat in Nape last November while his wife was caught later that day receiving the stolen goods from her husband.

Police warn residents not to fall for ‘lottery prize’ scam

A local woman reported receiving an English-language WhatsApp message saying she won a US$1 million lottery prize, asking for extra details including her name and age.

Accountant embezzles firm out of MOP 500,000 ‘to save online lover’

The suspect’s boss discovered that since mid-December the company’s financial records showed that the company had no income.

Police catch 1st local case of drugs hidden in facial masks

Three suspects arrested on Friday for drug-related offences involving an estimated street value of more than MOP 1.26 million including 384 grammes of liquid ice hidden in facial mask packs.

5 teens share 13-year-old girl’s nude photo

Four boys and a girl were questioned last week for sharing a 13-year-old girl’s selfie of her naked upper body in October last year.

Drug trio caught red-handed selling ice

A man and two women were caught on Wednesday during a drug deal involving 15.96 grammes of crystal methamphetamine (also commonly known as ice) with an estimated street value of about MOP 53,000.

Zhuhai hands loan-sharking, money-laundering ‘kingpin’ to Macao

The suspected kingpin of a loan-sharking and money-laundering group was arrested on Wednesday morning in Zhuhai and transferred to Macao by the Guangdong Public Security Department.

3 caught for 2 sham marriages involving brother & sister

The two bogus marriages involve a sister and her elder brother, both obtaining their non-permanent Macao ID cards in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Travellers try to smuggle Maotai bottles in baby carrier, backpack, lunch box

Gongbei’s Customs Administration announced that its officers found a man attempting to smuggle bottles of Maotai into Zhuhai by hiding them inside a baby carrier early this week.

Pistol, bullets found in helmet box of abandoned motorbike

A pistol and a number of bullets were found in an abandoned motorcycle’s helmet box last Wednesday.

11 banks cheated out of MOP 770 million in home loans scam

The case involves nine suspects including a bank manager, 11 banks, fraudulent mortgage loans worth MOP 770 million, 362 loans granted by the banks, and MOP 219 million in illegal gains.

Taiwan-Macao duo caught for growing cannabis at home

PJ officers seized four cannabis plants, a modified portable greenhouse, cannabis seeds and other growing equipment and some drug-taking paraphernalia.

Gambler reports false robbery to hide habit from family

A male tourist from the mainland reported a false robbery to the police claiming he had been robbed of HK$213,000 in cash.

41-year-old man rapes girlfriend

A 41-year-old non-resident worker was arrested on Thursday for raping his cohabiting girlfriend.

Jobless woman cheated out of US$26,500 in online digital currency scam

An unemployed local woman fell for an online digital currency investment scam in late September last year, with a total loss of US$26,500 (MOP 211,640).

Local ‘friend’ cheats mainlander out of HK$600,000

A local man was arrested at the Barrier Gate checkpoint for cheating a mainlander out of HK$600,000 after claiming he could help him repay his debts in Macao.

The police investigate case of 5 cats ‘thrown’ from Ocean Gardens

IAM was informed on 5 January that doormen at Ocean Gardens found five dead cats on the building’s podium on 19 December.

4 locals sell fake chips, cheat 2 men out of HK$1.47 million

Three men and a woman were arrested for selling 15 fake casino chips worth HK$100,000 each, defrauding two men of HK$1.47 million.

Man beats daughter for refusing to study abroad

A local man was arrested for beating his daughter because she refused to study abroad.

Local woman cheats man out of over MOP 350,000 in ‘bride price’ scam

The woman claimed that she owned many luxury properties and that they would belong to the victim after they got married.

Travellers try to smuggle spirits into Zhuhai

Two cases of travellers caught smuggling Chinese spirits into Zhuhai early this week.

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