Albano Martins

Albano Martins came for three years and nearly four decades have gone by, living more than half his life in Macao. He was the ANIMA president for 17 years – which he founded in 2003 – until resigning in June 2020 to return to Portugal.

Cecilia Ho

From a young age, Cecilia Ho dreamed of becoming an artist. After following her passion for art, along with hard work and dedication, she is now the founder and executive director of Photo Macau art fair and a successful Macao-born artist.

Ip Tat

When Ip Tat claims that he has dedicated his whole life to the Na Tcha Temple, it’s not an exaggeration: he was just six years old when he joined the Feast of Na Tcha for the first time.

Sulu, Sou Ka Hou

Twenty six-year-old Sulu Sou is Macao’s youngest ever-elected lawmaker, having been voted into the Macao Legislative Assembly in September’s general election. He is also the Vice Chairman of the New Macau Association, a major pro-democratic civil group.

Yoko Choi

Born on 16 July 1964, Choi spent much of her childhood in a village house with six siblings and a menagerie of pets; growing up she has cared for everything from cats and dogs through to fish and turtles. Her parents ran a small restaurant, which provided the income to care for this big family.

Rita Botelho dos Santos

Rita Botelho dos Santos is President of General Assembly of the Macau Civil Servant’s Association (ATFPM). Of Portuguese and Chinese descent, Santos speaks fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, Mandarin and English and also understands French.